Serenity and conscious attention, keys to positivity in life

Written by: Francisca Rodríguez
Published: | Updated: 20/02/2020
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The serenity that every person desires does not come only from a relaxed body, but is the consequence of focusing, even in the midst of adversity, on the most constructive aspects of existence. Serenity, therefore, is also the result of a quiet mind , built to a large extent by strengthening the capacity for conscious attention.

Strengthen attention on constructive aspects of life

Strengthening attention has become a healthy exercise in our life, because it allows us to focus on those contents of the mind that generate discomfort, such as distorted, negative or useless thoughts, and allows focusing on those contents that produce physical, mental and physical well-being. emotional.The ability to consciously focus and illuminate significant bits of life has to do with the human capacity to place attention intentionally, steadily and sustainably in the most constructive aspects and, thus, what is focused becomes more Real for the person. Where attention is placed, emotion goes, energy and shapes the experiential reality.Through the focus of attention is drawn the vital landscape with a tonality ranging from the clear to the dark depending on its illuminating ability. In this sense, it is when one can say that, attention can be a source of balance or source of imbalance in life.Strengthening the capacity for attention is like lighting the focus that illuminates the screen of the mind, highlighting with its light the experiences that, through the reins of the will, and the inner freedom, weave the existential project of life.Attention could be compared to a muscle that needs training. If it is desired that attention be stabilized in a prolonged way in what a person considers important, and that it is a capacity to support the will and intentionality towards what one considers as valuable in his life, it is necessary that he be trained in it.


Conscious attention to carefully observe life

This laser of conscious attention can be strengthened by developing one of the main functions of the mind and recommended by specialists in Psychology : the function of looking, observing and contemplating in front of the function of thinking and analyzing .Each time the attention of the thinking mind is turned off and it is focused on the space between thought and thought, a capacity for attentive presence is developed that is in each moment. This allows freedom from the tyranny of the conditioned mind that holds the reins of life and gives way to an observed mind that allows to be more owners of the thoughts.The attention, as the writer and philosopher Gurdjieff said "is the most valuable coin we have to pay for inner freedom."


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Francisca Rodríguez

By Francisca Rodríguez

Specialist in Clinical Psychology, Ms. Francisca Rodriguez is the Director of the Center for Psychology Canvis. It holds a Master in Relational Psychotherapy (PPRC). He has worked as a clinical psychologist in public health for more than 30 years. Currently, he teaches at the School of Nursing at the University of Barcelona and researcher at the IMOAP study. He is a member of various societies of psychotherapy. He is a member of the staff of the International Seminar "Leadership, Innovation and Management (Innova)" in Spain, France and Cuba.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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