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Septoplasty to correct nasal septum

Written by: Dr. Juan Carlos Casado Morente
Published: | Updated: 20/02/2020
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Septoplasty is a surgical technique that involves straightening the nasal septum or septum, the inner wall that divides the two nostrils, consisting of a structure osteo (bone and cartilage).

The ultimate goal of this intervention is to improve nasal breathing, because patients who have deviated nasal septum bad breathe through the nose. Also noteworthy is that the nose is essential to ventilate the middle ear. So, to improve nasal breathing and nasal airflow, ventilation hearing is improved.

Operation deviated nasal septum

Septoplasty, performed under general anesthesia, involves an incision in the lining of the nasal septum. Thus, the structure of the lining of the nostrils is liberalized and leaving free septum, you can remove the bent portion and focus on the midline.

Subsequently, the mucosa is repositioned, give each approach points and plugs are placed to leave the septum in the midline. All this is an intranasal form, so that no external scars.


Objectives and benefits of surgery

This surgery has resulted in an improvement of nasal breathing. In addition, by improving the ventilation of the middle ear, it also improves the feeling of clogged ears. On the other hand, is often performed in conjunction with septoplasty and rhinoplasty in these cases, would also improve the aesthetics of the nose.

Another benefit of septoplasty is that general anesthesia is only 30 minutes, so that the chances of complications are very rare. It is true that many patients fear at the time of the removal of nasal plugs, but currently there are a painless and comfortable which are very well tolerated.


Postoperative septoplasty

To have a quicker and more effective postoperative advice to follow are: no strenuous exercise for a week, do not blow your nose, do not take aspirin, not stressed and, of course, follow signs surgeon otolaryngologist .

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By Dr. Juan Carlos Casado Morente

Dr. Casado Morente is an otolaryngologist very prominent and valued. Graduated from the University of Cordoba, also he holds a doctorate degree for his work vocal acoustic analysis. His reputation has earned him, among other things, to be a full member of the Spanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervical-Facial, and a member of the committee correction scientific articles that company. He currently combines his professional career with his work as a teacher.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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