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Written by: Dr. Javier Bisbal
Published: | Updated: 20/11/2018
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It is not a simple aesthetic issue, in many cases we find patients who have suffered from back pain and limitations in their social activities for years due to breast hypertrophy.. That is, excessive increase in the volume of the breasts, well above their normal proportions. They are women who seek an urgent functional improvement.

Types and repercussions

We must make it clear, to begin with, that mammary hypertrophy does not respond to a single patient pattern. It can occur, for example, at puberty and because of a hypersensitivity to female hormones. We will be talking about a virginal hypertrophy of the breast, which affects girls under 19 with a mammary development of a woman of 50. It is a very hard condition that makes it impossible for many things. In these cases and taking into account the age of the patient, the agreement of the family, the senologist and the psychologist to intervene will be essential.

mammary hypertrophy
Breast hypertrophy can affect the patient's confidence, in addition to causing back problems 


In older, adult patients, hypertrophy is usually due to an increase in fatty tissue that invades the conjunctive breast tissue.. The consequence is a large breast, not very elastic and with vascular problems. They are women with more functional than aesthetic motivations, in some cases with real clefts in the shoulders due to the weight that supports the bra straps, in addition to other discomforts and injuries.

The double intervention

Both profiles are candidates for breast reduction or reduction mastoplasty. The first thing to keep in mind is that it is a major intervention and, as such, the patient must pass a previous medical examination and undergo general anesthesia.. The objective will be twofold: reduce the size of the breast and, at the same time, raise the aureole and nipple.

Indeed, in almost all cases, two surgical techniques must be combined. The reduction mastoplasty and the lifting surgery. That is, the procedure to raise the breast. And is that a very large breast will never be up, will have fallen over time or by its own weight.

At this point, we can not fail to mention the scars. They are the fundamental handicap of any cosmetic surgery and, if possible, even more so in mammary surgery because of the dimensions that sometimes must have. Not in vain, we are talking in some cases of a change in size, position and shape of the breast.

Depending on the degree of fall - or technically, of ptosis - the scars will be of three types:

The smallest is the periareolar call, which follows the complete ring of the areola. It will only be possible in cases where the fall or ptosis of the breast is not very large; characteristic that occurs in very few cases of hypertrophy.

The next stage would be that of a scar like the previous one added to another one, of vertical trajectory and that would go from the halo to the submammary fold. In the last option, when the fall is really very large and there is a large surplus of skin, the surgeon should opt for the classic scar: the one that surrounds the areola and adds an inverted T from the areola to the groove to end up traversing it. It is, in any case, a scar that hides perfectly under the underwear or bath.

Once the wounds are healed, and already in the postoperative period, it is essential to take care of the scars very intensely. They depend on each person, the skin of each patient, genetic factors that are not known.

To disguise them to the maximum, the medical team of Clínica Planas recommends following a protocol specially designed for this purpose.. It consists in carrying on the scars some sheets of adhesive silicone, with a certain compression on them. Sometimes we even add a reinforcement in the bra to make a selective compression. The healing process is very long, so I like to follow the protocol for 2 or 3 months, if possible. The protocol includes periods of rest, during which it is advisable to massage the scar with an essential oil such as rosehip.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Javier Bisbal

By Dr. Javier Bisbal
Plastic surgery

Prestigious plastic surgeon, it takes about 40 years as a member of the medical team Clinica Planas. It is one of the best physicians in breast elevation or mastopexy, full facelift, otoplasty, chest and breast prosthesis reduction.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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