Hand rejuvenation, treatments and outcomes

Written by: Dra. Judit Valiente García
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The Dra. Judith Valiente García is an aesthetic doctor and belongs to Top Doctors, the select circle of top-level doctors in Spain. Next we will talk about the treatment for hand rejuvenation.

What kind of patient requests the treatment of hand rejuvenation?

Any type of patient would be a candidate for a treatment of rejuvenation of hands, as long as, logically, it is indicated. But in general the patients who require it more frequently are patients from 45-50 years of age and thereafter because they begin to see for themselves that there is a very evident contrast between the skin of the face, that they take care of themselves much more frequently, and the skin of the hands that is usually much more forgotten.


Which treatments are the most common?

On the one hand we can treat the back of the hands, or do a rejuvenation of hands, treating only the pigmentations, which is a very required treatment by patients. They have lentigines, spots, etc.. and these treatments are done either with different types of laser very specific for pigmentation or with some type of peeling that also gives a fantastic result in terms of hand rejuvenation because we manage to improve the pigmentations and the quality of the skin in terms of wrinkles fine, texture, etc ...


Any type of patient would be a candidate for a treatment of rejuvenation of hands


On the other hand we can do mesotherapy treatments that consists of injecting different products such as vitamins, amino acids, peptides, hyaluronic acids not cross-linked, which do not give any volume to the skin but they do improve the quality of the skin, the hydration and texture.


Finally we could talk about a much more intensive treatment for this type of hands that look like skeletonized since the skin is very thin and the tendons, veins, etc. are translucent, of course at the level of veins and tendons not We do not do anything but we can thicken the dermis so that the aesthetic aspect is much younger. For this type of treatment, a cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which is a little denser than the one we use in vitamins or in the vitamin cocktail, and for this I use a cannula that would be like a long enough needle to be able to access the entire back of the hand by very few incisions, 2 or 3 nothing else, and in this way we avoid the risk of having more hema-taps although the back of the hand is very vascularized since using this cannula, which has a blunt tip , we do not traumatize the tissues and we achieve that there is in general much less edema, less bruising and that is practically painless. For this type of treatment no anesthesia is needed, the product that I injected already carries anesthesia incorporated and the patient can make life completely normal from the moment he leaves the office.


Are the results definitive? What type of maintenance should be followed?

In general, in any type of aesthetic treatment, hands or any other, maintenance must be done because the aging process continues. From the minute 1 in which you have made a treatment we continue aging. Obviously the aesthetic aspect of the area we have treated will last a lot longer if we do the treatments than if we do nothing. You also have to do a maintenance because I never use non-resorbable products, they are always resorbable products and therefore that product that we have injected is going to be reabsorbed with time and we will have to renew it.. But in general, depending on the type of patient, age and the care you take in terms of sunscreen, in terms of hydration ..., you have to do a maintenance either at 6 months or the year or make a combination of treatments and one year to do peeling or laser treatment and another year to do a stimulation treatment.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Judit Valiente García
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Valiente is a renowned specialist in Aesthetic Medicine. Until 2017, she was the Head of the Unit of Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Unit of Quirón Valencia. She is also a professor in the module of Filler Implants and Botulinum Toxin in the University Master that is taught in Valencia. Likewise, Dr.Valiente is an expert in rejuvenation of hands, neck and décolletage.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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