What are facial fillers or implants?

Written by: Dra. Katherine Bedoya Jerí
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Facial implants are biocompatible materials these are introduced in different areas of the face, in order to correct naturally the appearance of the cheeks, lips, facial oval, cheeks.

The product most used today is hyaluronic acid because it is a safe molecule with many benefits, such as moisturizing the treated area, stimulate collagen and elastin or add volume to facial areas that, over the years, it is losing.

There are other substances such as calcium hydroxyapatite, which in some areas can be used as filler, but its primary function is the biostimulation of the skin.


Uses of facial fillers

Areas that can be treated with fillers and facial implants are:

1. Perioral area:Stop treating commonly called (“barcode&rdquo ;). A correction of wrinkles is obtained without changing expression.

2. Nasolabial area:Fill this area, which closely mark with age, since it is in continuous motion, achieving a more youthful appearance


3. Marionette lines:Are vertical lines around the mouth extending to the sides of the chin. These lines is filled to eliminate wrinkles of expression.

4. Cheeks:Returns the roundness of the cheekbone giving a proper volume of youth


5. Cheeks:Increases the volume lost by the natural passage of years or for the loss of teeth


6. Oval face:Restores facial oval, due to cutaneous sagging that occurs with the passage of time


7. Lips:Used to retrieve the profile, increase its volume, reinforcing the corners and lip hydration


This treatment can be done at any time of year and the duration of the procedure is 30 min to 1 hour. Required off work because it is an outpatient treatment.


Contraindications facial fillers

Implants or facial fillers are not recommended in patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, in people suffering illness in persons with permanent implants and people have a bacterial infection or viral herpes type in the treatment area. Still, the contraindications are still very few and is a treatment that offers maximum safety.

Our motto is to correct or blur wrinkles, restructure volumes, improve sagging, and do our business in a way as natural as possible, we believe that there is the beauty:to preserve the physiognomy or facial features highlighting the beauty patient staff, without distorting the patient's own personal traits.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dra. Katherine Bedoya Jerí

By Dra. Katherine Bedoya Jerí
Aesthetic Medicine

The Bedoya doctor is a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine. Expert in facial rejuvenation treatments with botox, facial fillers, bio-stimulants (PRP ), thread lift, dermarrollers, peels, mesotherapy, laser;Corporal with carboxiterapia, Aqualix, etc. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1994 from the State University of Medicine Russia, Moscow. Member of several associations and author of numerous publications.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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