What are the immediate load implants?

Written by: Dr. Antonio Bowen Antolín
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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More than talking about implants, this concept refers to a technique: immediate loading in Implantology. It consists of putting the tooth on the implant at the same time or up to 72 hours after inserting the implant. The most usual is to do it at the same moment of the insertion surgery or the implants.


Applications of immediate loading implants

implants The technique of immediate loading implants is performed in all cases in which there is an aesthetic commitment to be without the tooth: anterior sector, area of ​​premolars, complete arcades, etc; while we avoid it in those cases of intense loads and in later sectors when there is no aesthetic commitment.

On the other hand, the immediate loading also favors the guided healing of the white tissues around the implants, improving function and aesthetics.

In the cases of zygomatic implants or complete superior or inferior rehabilitations, immediate loading is a technique of choice.


Benefits of immediate loading implants

The benefits of immediate loading implants are obvious.

Currently, we work with immediate loading techniques under digital printing, which allow perfect adjustments and an immediate function.

In the case of anterior or unitary teeth, it is compatible with bone regeneration techniques, and allows the modification of emergency profiles of the tooth to achieve the best fit, function and aesthetics.


Disadvantages of immediate loading implants

Done with the proper technique and applying the correct biological principles, there are no drawbacks. Immediate loading implantology is an extremely precise and demanding technique, which is why it requires surgeons and specialists in Dentistry experts in Implantology and well trained.

There are very few complications, but they must be known in order to solve them satisfactorily.

In general, the results are highly satisfactory for the patient and the doctor, which is why it is considered a technical choice, although it must be carefully planned and executed..  

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By Dr. Antonio Bowen Antolín

Dr. Bowen is an international authority on laser and new technologies applied to implantology and orofacial surgery. Doctorate in Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, he is currently the medical director of the Bowen Clinic.

With more than two decades of experience, he has published more than 50 scientific articles and has given lectures all over the world, as well as being a professor at several universities.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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