Why vulvo-vaginal dysfunction occurs

Written by: Dra. Patricia Abajo Blanco
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

Different reasons may cause vaginal dryness or vulvo-vaginal atrophy. It is a process that is not always related to the passage of time since there are drugs that can cause it at any age, such as some used for the treatment of breast cancer, low-dose oral contraceptives, treatments for acne and antidepressants , among others.


Premenopause and menopause are the main cause of vaginal dryness due to the reduction of estrogens in the body. In some cases this can be precocious, and sometimes can be a consequence of the removal of the ovaries. As a result of this dryness the patient can suffer irritation, tightness, discomfort, itching, pain and even bleeding with sexual intercourse and a greater facility to develop infections.


Treatment of vulvo-vaginal dysfunction

Hyaluronic acid has been incorporated into "intimate antiaging" and genital rejuvenation to restore the elasticity, hydration and appearance of the genital area.


With rehydration, biostimulation and retonation with hyaluronic acid, the introitus and vaginal walls improve this symptomatology by recovering the comfort of the intimate area. Likewise, with this product the tissue is recovered and the volume of the labia majora is increased in case there is a fatty atrophy of the same. Also recreate the two regular large lips of equal size, increasing the volume to protect the vulva and reduce chafing and risk of infections. Another lesion that may benefit from this treatment is the painful scar of the episiotomy and lichen sclerosus and atrophic lesions.


This hyaluronic acid is specific to the genital area and achieves optimum elasticity and viscosity in this area.


The treatment is done in the consultation in about 30 minutes and is a painless process since previously applied an anesthetic cream or spray. The recovery is immediate and does not require work. The duration of the effects is variable, recommending a new treatment after 6 or 12 months according to each case.


Recommendations before treatment of vulvo-vaginal dysfunction

It is recommended not to take aspirins, anti-inflammatories, anticoagulants or vitamin C the week before treatment. Neither shave the area the previous days, better reduce the hair on the day of treatment.


Recommendations after treatment of vulvo-vaginal dysfunction

It is preferable to avoid bathing, better shower in the later days, and avoid wet and crowded places such as gyms, swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, etc.. For 10 days. It is also recommended to avoid sexual intercourse for 5 days and activities that generate pressure in the area such as cycling, horse riding, etc.


For more information consult a specialist in Dermatology .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Patricia Abajo Blanco

Dr. Down White is a famous dermatologist with over 15 years experience. Specialist in dermatology and Venereology, passing query in DKF Vithas Clinic and Hospital Our Lady of America. She works as a teacher at the Academy Dermatology online Pupilum and clinical associate professor at the Francisco de Vitoria University.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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