Breast reduction or breast reduction surgery

Written by: Dra. Isabel de Benito
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Breast reduction or breast reduction surgery, is the set of techniques that are intended to reduce the size of the breast. Note that this type of operation implicitly includes a remodeling of the breast. It can be stated that the reduction mammoplasty is also based on harmonic breasts achieve more in relation to the characteristics of the patient.

This is an intervention highly valued by women since the aesthetic result is very good and the discomfort and pain caused excessive breast volume disappear after surgery.


When should a breast reduction?

In cases where the breast volume is excessive in relation to the patient anatomy. The most common factors leading breast too large are:

  • A rich size development
  • Cases in which has not been reduced breast after breast-feeding
  • Overweight women that affects the breast tissue

In any case, the patient you are looking to reduce the volume to end a series of complaints such as back pain and neck pain, difficulty performing physical exercise and even psychological disorders.


What is a breast reduction?

The first step is diagnosis. Anatomically must analyze the breast to be involved studying its dimensions, possible deformities or distance of the areola and nipple. Once the evaluation of the breast, the plastic surgeon will choose the most appropriate surgical technique in each case. Some are less invasive and can reduce a moderate level while others are more due to the large volume or reduce the level of fall. It is important at this point, put in the hands of a plastic surgeon expert in this field, as they know perfectly know all the techniques and select the best in each case. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about 2 hours or 3. The patient remains hospitalized for general anesthesia, but usually be discharged in 24 hours.


Postoperative breast reduction


The postoperative period is not painful. In addition, techniques have advanced to the point that uncomfortable bandages like years ago are no longer needed. Currently, after the operation, only dressings scars and apply a special bra. The scars left after surgery are permanent and the only thing you can do is hide them but not disappear. A good plastic surgeon will perform the scars as inconspicuous as possible and advise the patient to heal procedures in the best way possible.


Postoperative physical therapy in breast augmentation

To shorten the postoperative period is advisable to resort to physiotherapy, always in the hands of professionals specialized in this type of therapy. It consists of a series of exercises that allow all inflammation manually drain the lymphatic system for postoperative discomfort last the shortest time possible, and the patient can reinstate prior to their working lives.


Reviews after a breast reduction

Like most surgeries, breast reduction requires take some monitoring and review. During the same, plastic surgeons assess whether the healing has been good and that its evolution over time is correct. It is also noteworthy that breast reduction is permanent but, of course, the breast may change over time and change their shape or size. For example, gain or lose weight or pregnancy may be circumstances affecting the volume of the breasts once operated.


Pregnancy and breast reduction

A woman operated breast augmentation or breast reduction may become pregnant without problems, but in most cases can not carry out breastfeeding. This is because in many canaliculi surgery, which are the channels through which arrives breast milk to the nipple are cut.

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By Dra. Isabel de Benito
Plastic surgery

Expert in breast surgery, Dr. De Benito is one of the professionals with the largest number of breast augmentation, reduction and elevation interventions in Spain and, therefore, is a leading opinion and scientific adviser in breast prostheses at a national level and international, as well as regular speaker at the most prestigious conferences around the world. Thanks to this, the doctor is at the forefront in terms of new advances and techniques related to this type of surgery. During these years she has assumed positions of responsibility in different public organizations such as: President of the Scientific Committee of the European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (EASAPS), Member of Institutional Relations and Treasurer of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE) and general secretary and deputy secretary of the Spanish Association of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery (AECEP).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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