The Benefits of Using Electric Toothbrushes

Written by: Dr.Prof. Juan José Alió Sanz
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

They are comfortable, practical, efficient and, although somewhat more expensive, they are amortized quickly. Electric toothbrushes have become a hollow in their own right among the products for dental hygiene and many are dentists who already recommend them to their patients in the consultations. If you are thinking of replacing your old traditional toothbrush with an electric toothbrush, take note of the keys to choosing it, its advantages and the disadvantages they have for oral health.


How to Choose the Electric Toothbrush

The fundamental characteristic that you must evaluate when buying your toothbrush is the type of head that carries and the movements that make. You will find them round, elongated, with bleaching solutions, for sensitive gums and even with three differentiated areas, each with one type of sow for each tooth area. All make circular and oscillating movements on the teeth, which are the ones that ensure a greater cleaning. If the head does not convince you, you can go buying other spare parts until you get the one you like, because everyone uses the same base.


The price, the autonomy or extra functions as your connection to mobile applications via Bluetooth or changes in vibration according to the time of brushing are other aspects that you can value.


The Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

  • Its manageability

The long, thin head of the electric toothbrush makes it easier to access the recesses of the mouth, such as the rear teeth or the inner face of the teeth.

  • Brushing more intense

The size of the head and the circulatory movements that it makes make the bristles of the brush wrap the tooth on all its faces, guaranteeing an integral cleaning and optimizing each movement.

  • Respectful with gums

The evolution in the dentistry sector has made today the brushes include a pressure control system that alleviates the force of the rotary movements when approaching the gums, which prevents them from bleeding and bruising with brushing.


The Problems of Electric Toothbrushes

  • Its price

Buying an electric brush requires an initial investment oscillating according to the benefits we seek. This can cause many users to reject this option as an unnecessary expense.

  • The disinterest of the user


Although we brush our teeth with an electric brush we can not neglect our daily hygiene, which must be followed at least three times a day, after each main meal, and for at least two minutes. In addition, although the electric brush is more rigorous with the hygiene on all the faces of the teeth, dental floss and mouthwash are also two essential steps of each brushing.


Learn more advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrushes in this link .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr.Prof. Juan José Alió Sanz

Dr. Alió Sanz is one of the leaders in orthodontics worldwide.


Doctor of Medicine and Surgery and a specialist in Orthodontics. It has a large number of international publications and is the author of two reference books among orthodontists.


He combines his professional work with teaching, being Professor of Orthodontics at the Dental School of the UCM and co - director of the master of orthodontics at the Complutense University of Madrid. He is the creator of the patented product ORTHOSPEED to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment.


With over 30 years experience Prof. Dr. Juan J. Alió has the most modern facilities in Madrid orthodontic treatments offer the latest technology, applying the latest scientific and technological advances in orthodontic treatment in all therapeutic possibilities .


Account with a multidisciplinary team to perform orthodontic treatments and orthognathic surgery, orthodontics and periodontics and implantology. If you are looking for orthodontic treatment with braces, this is your specialist.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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