Advances in cardiac surgery

Written by: Dr. Joseba Zuazo Meabe
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The Dr. Joseba Zuazo Meabe, cardiac surgeon Top Doctors, we talk about heart surgery.


¿What new techniques have been developed in recent years in cardiac surgery


First, mention the coronary surgery without the use of extracorporeal circulation, which has significantly reduced the inherent complications in coronary surgery, but above all, I would focus on two key aspects which have led truly exceptional progress: one is related to the thoracic aorta surgery, which has been one of the great challenges of cardiovascular surgeons always and in recent times because we have the option of working with endovascular interventional procedures, solving more simply and more efficiently aneurysms with far less risk of thoracic aortic aneurysms. And also in recent years, for less than 10 years, we are able to implanted prosthesis without the use of extracorporeal circulation and without sternotomy and making minimal incisions or even percutaneously, without making any incision in the aortic valve particularly. This is very important because it happens that the vascular aortic stenosis is the most frequent pathology attending cardiovascular surgeons today. So it is of vital importance and the future, and other technologies are being developed to solve problems in the mitral valve, and so on and this is a constant non-stop.


¿? In that surgery is minimally invasive and can be applied to cases

The minimally invasive surgery what it does is minimize possible external aggression patients to intervene them. Based on making small holes, small ports at certain sites localized skin well through them to get to the organ in question and to make corrections if precise. In the case of cardiac surgery, it is particularly useful in mitral valve pathologies and some congenital pathologies, such as ITE communication, pathologies or who are located in the mitral valve or the right side of the heart in preferably the right atrium. On this basis, postoperative are much simpler, much shorter, with much less pain and better results in the end.


¿, are the advantages over traditional surgery


In principle it is a surgery that reduces the maximum incisions and therefore allows for a Postoperative much easier, less painful and of course, much shorter.

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Dr. Joseba Zuazo Meabe

By Dr. Joseba Zuazo Meabe
Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Zuazo is a leader in the specialty of Cardiac Surgery, with over thirty years of experience. In the actulidad is Head of Cardiovascular C. Basurto Hospital. Associate Professor of Surgery, Radiology and Physical Medicine of the UPV / EHU teaching teaching professor in cardiovascular field.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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