Liposculpture, the only solution to localized fat

Written by: Dr. Humberto Rodríguez Menés
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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Traditionally it has been called and called liposuction to the aspiration of fat located in the human body through cannulas and through an orifice.

Over time, these cannulas were technically improved and many types were designed with very different shapes and orifices, considerably reducing their caliber.

This allowed for much more precise surgical work, with fewer side effects, better recovery and, above all, better results.

This is where the word Liposculpture appears, wanting to give us an idea that the technique of liposuction becomes a true artisan work. Actually it is the same, although some plastic surgeons, and I include myself, we like the word liposculpture more for the reasons discussed.


Applications of Liposculpture

The clear indication of liposculpture is the extraction of fat that is located in certain parts of the body and not the one that is distributed in a generalized way, since we would then be talking about a case of overweight or obesity, and the treatment would be different.

The most common parts that are treated with liposculpture are the hips, abdomen, thighs (especially the outer face, commonly known as "holsters"), knees and buttocks.

It is also treated, although less frequently, gynecomastia (the increase of the mammary area in the male, when it is by fat) the gills, the calves, the arms, the subscapular region (the fat located on the sides under the bra) , The cervical region (that "bump" of fat that sometimes appears on the back as a "hump") and also the pubic region of the woman ("monte de venus") and even the labia majora.


What is the technique of liposculpture?

The technique of liposculpture is to surgically prepare the area to be treated by infiltrating a solution that prevents bleeding and liquefies the fat to facilitate its removal.

Subsequently fine cannulas are introduced through two or three holes, depending on the zones, and with a movement similar to the one performed to play the violin, the liquefied fat is extracted.. The completion of the extraction will determine the form that we wish to obtain.

In the same operating room, the areas treated by means of orthopedic garments are usually compressed, usually girdles and socks, so that the remaining fat is well adapted to the new silhouette.


Pre and Postoperative Liposuction

The intervention is performed under local or epidural anesthesia, depending on the case. No special or different preparation is needed for any other surgical procedure.

Recovery is not painful, the first few days there may be discomfort in the treated area and tingling sensation. Acute inflammation usually lasts about four or five days and points are usually withdrawn a week. Afterwards, it is advisable to massage lymphatic drainage for two to three weeks.

Actually the most annoying of the recovery is the use of the compressive garment (girdle, socks ... ..) during the first month, then it is advisable to use for longer time other garments that hold the area, but without so much pressure.


Risks of Liposculpture

The risks are those that have a surgical intervention, and to minimize them will have to follow the usual prevention protocols (preoperative checkup, avoiding previous intake of drugs that may interfere with coagulation, intraoperative antibiotics, etc.).


Result of a Liposuction

The result of liposuction is definitive; This means that, having eliminated a large part of the fat located in the treated area, if over time there is an increase in weight the fat is distributed in a more generalized way, and although it can be deposited a little in the liposuction zones , The usual thing is that they do not regain the volume they had before surgery.

This, of course, is not an excuse not to take care of what dietary intake is concerned, on the contrary, it is an important reason to avoid being overweight that is never healthy.

In the last few years, many non-surgical treatments have proliferated as an alternative to liposuction, we are talking about machines and platforms that, based on the properties of cavitation, ultrasound, shock waves, radiofrequency, vaacumterapia, kneading and The lymphatic drainage, ensured definitive results.

Nothing further from reality, time has proven us right and demonstrated that the only definitive solution to localized fat is liposculpture. For more information about this, contact a specialist in cosmetic, plastic and repair surgery .

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By Dr. Humberto Rodríguez Menés
Plastic surgery

Dr. Rodríguez Menes is a leading specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Master in Senology and Mammary Pathology, which has more than 20 years of experience. He is an expert in breast surgery, body contouring surgery, facial surgery and facial rejuvenation without surgery, having a great knowledge and management techniques of aesthetic medicine in the face like Botox, hyaluronic acid, chemical peels, laser .. .... he is a member of recognized scientific medical societies, and is the author of several publications.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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