Spots on the skin

Written by: Dra. Lidici Santana
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The expert in aesthetic medicine, dr. Lidici Santana, explains in the following article blotchy skin and Peeling treatment.


¿What are the spots on the skin


The spots on the skin are normal changes of color. These may be dark colored macules usually light brown and is called“& rdquo hyperpigmentation spots ;. This common disorder can affect anyone but it occurs most often in young people with clear skin tones. This type of staining is usually very concern to aesthetic level.


Causes of spots

The appearance of the hyperpigmentation spots can be caused by: excessive sun exposure;intake of contraceptives, since they alter the correct functioning of the melanocyte;photosensitive drug intake;be pregnant; aging; phototype, which is the responsiveness of the skin to radiation from the sun, the white skins are often more prone to the appearance of blemishes. Other reasons that cause stains can be the snuff that alters the activity of melanocytes, which are melanin -producing cells;depilatory waxes, since after this situation increases the possibility of smudging freshly shaved area;inadequate diet, the deficit of certain nutrients can contribute to the appearance of spots and certain pathogens such as fungi and certain bacteria can cause the appearance of spots.



Treatment of medical scrubs is a medical aesthetics method which takes into account the diagnosis made ​​by a qualified professional. It analyzes the pathology being treated and the skin phototype thus providing a correct action to take during treatment. Next, Dr.. Santana makes mention of the types of peels used in your clinic Santana. Importantly, the number of sessions depends always patient and their specific pathology, as well as the reaction to the treatment of the skin.

Currently there are many types of peels classified based on the type of people who are used. Thus we have the physical Peels as the microdermo abrasion or laser and Chemical Peels as alpha hydroxy acids, betohidroxiacidos, eating disorders, etc.. Still, the best way to establish a distinction is by the criterion of depth is achieved with the same. In function of the degree of penetration of the peeling agent can be categorized into: superficial, medium and deep. In the case of surface its application is limited to the most superficial layers of the epidermis.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Lidici Santana
Aesthetic Medicine

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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