Neither high nor low: thyroid hormones

Written by: Dra. Pilar Martín Vaquero
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Thyroid hormones are produced by the thyroid gland and its role in printing speed at which they operate every cell of our body. It is hormones metabolism, which must be taken into normal range, or high or low.


thyroid hormone- Having thyroid hormones low means that the heart is slow (bradycardia), the gut works less (constipation), the metabolism slows down (it engonda and raises cholesterol), the person is sleepy, bloated, and has a great weariness.

If, however, there are too many hormones, the patient is nervous, tachycardia, excited with tremor, diarrhea, sleeping little and thinning. Pills 'fat burning' sold for weight loss are thyroid hormones in your composition. That is very dangerous in the sense that a higher cardiac output (tachycardia and ischemic pathologies s), increased oxygen consumption at the neuronal level (psychosis), increased digestive activity (diarrhea) and accelerated bone remodeling (osteoporosis) occurs.


Types of thyroid disorders

Thyroid disorders are many and varied. It causes autoimmune hyperthyroidism is very common and is called Graves disease Basedow. There are multiple treatments to control: antithyroid drugs, radioactive iodine and thyroid surgery. Cause immune hypothyroidism is becoming a very common condition and are many people who have. But right now the medicine gives good response to this disorder with a drug that carries the hormone and easily taken.

In any of the disorders, hormonal excess or defect, study thyroid nodules because they can exist, and then it will need to be analyzed. It is done by what is called "FNA" (puncture / aspiration / needle / fine), a bloodless technique performed in minutes under ultrasound guidance.

If there is suspicion that the process can be malignant thyroid, will resection of the thyroid gland, partly or wholly. If the surgeon is skilled, there are very few side effects from this intervention and can be a very good option when there are doubts. Further processing is simple and usually does not cause problems.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Pilar Martín Vaquero
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

It is a reference in diabetes, obesity and thyroid disease, enfermadades to which is specially dedicated in his more than 28 years of experience as an endocrinologist. He has been Head of the Endocrinology and Nutrition at the Hospital Infanta Cristina (Madrid) and has published more than one hundred articles and more than 20 book chapters Endocrinology. She has taught at the Autonomous University of Madrid and was executive secretary of "Advances in Diabetology", official journal of the Spanish Diabetes Society for 6 years. He is currently the director of the medical journal "Diabetes Space" and medical director of the Center d-médical, Madrid.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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