Phases comprising a medical review

Written by: Dr. Luis Inglada Galiana
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A checkup or medical examination is conducted to ascertain the health status of a person. Based on the information obtained in the anamnesis, physical examination and additional tests may be possible to diagnose a disease.


Medical checkup or medical examination: What it is

A medical examination or medical check is a test performed to determine the health of a person or to diagnose a suspected or possible illness.

The medical examination is performed by a specialist in Internal Medicine it is part of the clinical method, considered as the process or orderly sequence of actions that doctors have carried out since the beginning of the scientific age. Therefore, it is the order tour of the doctor to study and understand the process of health and disease in a patient's social, biological and psychological integrity.


Phases checkup or medical examination

To carry out a general medical examination ordered within the context of a clinical interview and has performed:

- Anamnesis. Is the gathering of subjective data concerning a patient. It includes family and personal history, signs and symptoms that you experience in your condition, experiences and, in particular, memories, which are used to analyze their clinical situation.

- Physical examination or physical examination. It is the set of procedures of science that makes the physician to the patient to obtain objective data or signs that are related to the reason for patient consultation.

- Additional tests or complementary exploration. It is a diagnostic test that asks the doctor to confirm or rule out a clinical diagnosis. These tests must be requested for a specific clinical indication and should be accurate enough to be effective in this indication as well as be the least costly and dangerous possible. It should be noted that no diagnostic test is completely accurate and results of all these can cause problems of interpretation.

The social and health information collected in the various stages of checkup or medical examination is recorded in the patient's electronic medical record. The medical history provides important information for the doctor to diagnose diseases or health problems the patient. It also serves to produce reports and medical certificates on the state of health of the patient.

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By Dr. Luis Inglada Galiana
Internal Medicine

The renowned Dr. Inglada Galiana is a specialist in internal medicine, in which he is an expert in Cardiovascular Risk, Heart Failure and medical checkup, among others. Doctorate from the University of Valladolid in 1987, where previously studied BA is currently internist at the University Hospital Rio Hortega since 2005. Conducted Residence Fundacion Jimenez Diaz in Madrid previously working in hospitals Nuestra Señora del Pino Las Palmas and the Medina Hospital del Campo in the same locality. Master in Cardiovascular Risk, Heart Failure, Bioethics, Research Methodology, Cardio Renal Syndrome Clinic Ultrasound Clinics and Management Units.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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