ELAF and VEINLAF, technology for the treatment of varicose veins

Written by: Dr. Carlos Boné Salat
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What is ELAF technology?

ELAF technical means Endolaser Foam Ablation. It is a technique that combines simultaneously and synergistically, two procedures; Endolaser and foam sclerosing medications. In fact, ELAF basically consists of the union of two of the techniques used to eliminate varicose veins and laser microfoam.


And VEINLAF fiber?

The VEINLAF (laser veins foam) fiber is specific to this treatment. It is a patented laser fiber that allows us to administer medication and release the laser energy into the vein or incompetent or ill variz. This technique treats large caliber varices are the triggers of varicose veins.

What advantages does the application of technology and VEINLAF ELAF fiber?

The great advantage of this technique is performed without anesthesia, the difference of the techniques used in epidural surgery. Ie it is a purely outpatient technique can be performed in a treatment room, without using surgery.

It is a procedure that does not involve pain and leaves no marks or bruises is one of the benefits most valued by patients. Also the immediacy of results and the possibility of treating varicose veins sizes that once were difficult to solve.

Moreover, thanks to the procedure VEINLAF fiber is reduced by a few minutes. Regarding the use of only microfoam, the main advantage is that the technique ELAF soft microfoam prevents thrombi, inflammation, phlebitis or spots is used.


What sewed the process ELAF and VEINLAF?

It is always performed under sonographic control, which allows us to control at all times the treatment and evolution.

Thus applies focused manner the exact amount of microfoam inside the damaged vein while its effect with the action of a low - power laser is reinforced, closing, and permanently, the varix.

The results are unmatched compared to other techniques that exist today. For more information consult a specialist Fleblología .


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By Dr. Carlos Boné Salat

In 1997, Dr. Boneh, medical director of the Laser Institute Medical Rent, developed the technique called Endovascular Laser, which patented in 1999 and since then has been standardized as a priority technique, and is also the most widely used internationally since then, giving Dr. Boneh as the international leader in the treatment of this disease. The new technique called Elaf (Endolaser Foam Ablation) is a synergy of physical-chemical action discovered by Dr. Boneh in February 2013 and through the development of a new fiber optic laser with micro foam diffuser devised, designed and patented by Dr. Boneh, we can say that we are ready to treat any varicose vein is the caliber it without entering the operating room, the name of this fiber is VEINLAF (Veins Laser Foam).


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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