Dr. Carlos Boné Salat

Phlebologist and Laser Therapy in

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Professional statement

In 1997, Dr. Boneh, medical director of the Laser Institute Medical Rent, developed the technique called Endovascular Laser, which patented in 1999 and since then has been standardized as a priority technique, and is also the most widely used internationally since then, giving Dr. Boneh as the international leader in the treatment of this disease. The new technique called Elaf (Endolaser Foam Ablation) is a synergy of physical-chemical action discovered by Dr. Boneh in February 2013 and through the development of a new fiber optic laser with micro foam diffuser devised, designed and patented by Dr. Boneh, we can say that we are ready to treat any varicose vein is the caliber it without entering the operating room, the name of this fiber is VEINLAF (Veins Laser Foam).


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