The dual laser resurfacing microfraccionado

Written by: Dra. Eva Ciscar Gracia
Published: | Updated: 30/10/2018
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The expert in laser Dr.. Ciscar Grace explains the different pathologies that trafficking and the use of Dual Laser Microfraccionado.


¿What signs of aging can be treated with Photomedicine


Different techniques Laser and fotorejuvenecimiento allow us to improve quickly and efficiently the signs of aging such as spots, wrinkles, a textured opaque and thickened skin, lack of radiance and firmness… They give more uniform and youthful appearance to the leather of the face, hands or neck.


¿, in a session consisting of Microfraccionado Dual Laser


This treatment comes from the synergy of two widely contrasting technologies:

  • On one hand, the microablativo laser DeepFX Carbon dioxide, with a wavelength of 10600 nanometers which produces a sweep across the area with heat small columns of 120 microns in diameter.
  • And secondly, Pulsed light with a filter strip of 530-750 nanometers for optimal rejuvenation.


¿, can attack several signs at once


It is a dual treatment that acts on two levels:

  • A epidermal level: causes an effect of renovation at the points where the impact affects the fractionated laser can treat skin fractions of 120 microns in this case, leaving intact the surrounding area to promote a quick recovery. Besides the combination with Pulsed Light cutaneous unified tone, eliminating surface pigment spots.
  • A dermal level: By penetrating deep heat columns cause the physiological processes of wound healing are triggered, favoring the increase dermal microcirculation. The effect thermal of the columns of heat stimulates the synthesis of neocollagen and the contraction of the bands causing the so-called&ldquo ;. Tightening&rdquo ;, ie the effect of tension immediately

The most avant-garde of this protocol is the combination of two technologies that add effects and offer a visible results from 4ºDay.

This treatment is increasingly demanded as by the Men, as the benefits are noticeable from 35 years of age in both sexes, for people who have lost elasticity in the skin due to sun exposure settled or snuff, among other causes.


¿That care must be maintained after the session


After the sessions is necessary to use a proper Skin Care at home and apply adequate sun protection.

The patient has redness and swelling the early days but his recovery is quick.

3-4 are scheduled monthly sessions for greater redeveloped of the network of collagen and elastin.

Aftercare treatment are customized and if necessary combine them with other medical - aesthetic techniques such as botulinum toxin or mesoplasty, allowing us to optimize results.


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Dra. Eva Ciscar Gracia

By Dra. Eva Ciscar Gracia

Dr. Eva Ciscar has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona Diploma in Laser Medical University of Lille-Paris and Master in Plastic Surgery. Founding member of the Institute of Laser Platform Photomedicine at Centro Medico Teknon pioneered cutaneous laser being a medical reference in facial rejuvenation, acne scars, micropigmentaciones disposal and treatment of vascular pathologies such as angiomas, hemangiomas and rosacea. His experience in cosmetic surgery, specifically in liposuction, along with laser treatments allow you to Lipolase® with outstanding results. Currently Dr. Eva Ciscar is the Director of the Unit for Laser Dermal Institute Photomedicine at Centro Medico Teknon.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection