The facial skin cancer

Written by: Dr. Jordi Bachs Bayés
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Is the sun the only cause that causes facial skin cancer?

If, basically in our environment, the sun - the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight - is the cause of skin cancer. There are other causes, it is true. For example; radiation therapy, burn scars that can cause skin cancer over the years, nuclear energy and products such as pitch and coal that, in contact with the skin, can also trigger skin cancer.

What warning signs usually appear?

It's basically the appearance of a new spot on the skin. These spots can be pigmented with irregular pigmentation. The edges of the lesion are not smooth, but are usually irregular. The appearance of an ulcer or also the appearance of more or less hard nodules, of different coloration, that may have an ulcer or not. All these signs make us think that this injury is probably a skin cancer.

solar skin cancer
The annual visit to the dermatologist to review the evolution of pigmented lesions is key in the prevention of skin cancer 

There are different types of skin cancer, how are they different?

There are basically three types of skin cancer in our environment. The first and most frequent is the basal cell epithelioma, in which a hard, pink, shiny, pearly-looking nodule appears, which may contain an ulcer or not, or it also sometimes presents as a hard, pigmented nodule.. The second most common type is squamous epithelioma or spinocellula. It usually appears as a sore, an ulcer, of slow evolution and that, if after about three months it has not healed, we should suspect that it is a squamous epithelioma. And the third most frequent type is malignant melanoma. This appears as a new stain that did not exist on the skin, of different colors, with an irregular margin, that grows slowly or, on a pre-existing mole, there are some changes of coloration, the contour is irregular and also usually grows. What is the difference between them? They differ in their aggressiveness, the most aggressive of them all is malignant melanoma while the least aggressive of them all is basal cell epithelioma.

What is prevention and especially the solution?

Skin cancer appears mostly in people with fair skin, light eyes and light hair. Prevention is aimed at not sunbathing during the hours of maximum intensity of sunlight. We will accompany this protection with the use of sunscreens. Regarding the solution, we propose surgical treatment. It allows us to perfectly remove skin cancer and perform immediate reconstruction if necessary.. We performed the surgery on an outpatient basis, with local anesthesia, which allows us, once the surgery is over, that the patient can return to his home and obtain a quick recovery.

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Dr. Jordi Bachs Bayés

By Dr. Jordi Bachs Bayés
Plastic surgery

Dr. Bachs Bayés is a reference specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. With over 30 years of experience, currently he runs his own clinic Plastic Surgery in Girona. He is an expert in gynecomastia, ie surgery in male mammary gland in female intimate surgery and treatments such as hyaluronic acid, facial sagging and facial fillers. Dr. Bachs Bayés is a specialist in plastic surgery oncology, since it realizes reconstructions of areas affected by tumors. Make treatment of skin cancer, breast reconstruction or patients who have suffered an accident or burn. Also specializes in aesthetic medicine, the doctor performs treatments that improve the appearance without using surgery.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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