Look after your hearing, prevention is in your hands

Written by: Dr. Emilio García-Ibáñez Ferrándiz
Published: | Updated: 15/02/2023
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The most common hearing loss, according to the Dr. Emilio Garcia- Ibanez , director of the Institute of Otology Garcia- Ibanez in Barcelona, ​​is a condition called otosclerosis,“causing an ossification of the stapes ( ear ossicle ) that, when the point where the sound comes, conditions a progressive deafness without any effective medication. The only solution is the microsurgery, which involves removing the partially or fully huesecillo, being replaced by a prosthesis that returns mobility and therefore the audition&rdquo ;.

Another common affection are oozing ( otorrhea ), which usually take place when the eardrum is perforated and infected, either because water has gotten into the ear or the condition of a cold. & ldquo;& ndash At other times, says Dr– are called cholesteatoma caused by a benign tumor of the ear, but it is very aggressive and will destroy the bone. When infected and suppuration may occur whenever the solution is surgical&rdquo ;.

Also, with age, many people suffer from hearing problems:“conditions are usually sensorineural, the much talked‘ nerve dried&rsquo ;. The same injury may also give sound trauma, at work, in clubs, hunting, etc. The solution is the adaptation of hearing aids‘ sonotone&rsquo ;, day but today there are headphones that are implanted under the skin and allow the patient to perform any activity as they continue listening in the shower, under water, sleeping, etc.. That if requiring surgical intervention of average general anesthesia&rdquo ;, affirms Dr. Garcia- Ibanez. & ldquo;When hearing loss worsens and the patient can no longer hear or the‘ sonotone&rsquo ;, there is possibility of a ‘ cochlear implant’. Our Institute is a pioneer in Spain in these implants, having performed the first in 1985. Current systems are technologically very advanced and allow recovery of hearing often close to normality. When a child is born deaf, there are tests that can detect shortly after birth, and the cochlear implant is the only solution for you to acquire hearing and language&rdquo ,.

Staying in noisy sound environments can cause trauma to the ear and cause hearing loss


The most serious conditions

One of the most serious problems are the auditory nerve tumors ( neuromas ). & ldquo;Its symptomatology is usually unimportant, because sometimes it's just a tinnitus ( ear noise ), discreet hearing loss or a feeling of dizziness. In these cases it is necessary to perform an MRI to identify this pathology, in the long term can be very serious. In most cases, if the patient is not very old, it will be necessary to perform a delicate surgical removal ;,&rdquo said Dr.. Ear vertigo or dizziness of Meniere, is another of the most disabling conditions, as during crises the patient is incapacitated for any activity, according to Dr signature. Garcia- Ibanez. & ldquo;often accompanied by hearing loss and tinnitus fl uctuating as well as feeling of fullness or ear full. When medical treatment fails, what happens in many cases, surgery can fix the problem&rdquo ;.

Common Problems in children

According to the specialist, in children,&ldquo, the most frequent pathologies are catarrhal or serous otitis, which can cause pain, hearing loss and sometimes suppuration. Generally cured with medical treatment, but may also need the extirpation of vegetations. Sometimes it is necessary to aspirate the accumulated mucus in the ear with grommets, which are a valvulitis that allow aeration of the ear, not to reappear mucus and improve hearing. If serous otitis are repeated can reach also cause a cholesteatoma and adults&rdquo ,.

Finally do not forget...

a) Avoid loud noises: music loud or noisy work places you can damage your ear

b ) Hygiene: the ear is usually cleaned the shower. Then, avoid entering swabs or other utensils into the ear canal

c ) Check your audition: if you go to a specialist show for hearing loss, dizziness, drowsiness or suppuration


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Emilio García-Ibáñez Ferrándiz

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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