Know the uses and benefits of botulinum toxin type A

Written by: Dra. Alicia Milotich Goberna
Edited by: Patricia Pujante Crespo

Botulinum toxin type A is a protein that acts as a muscle relaxant, diminishing wrinkles, but also relaxing the muscle excretory sweat glands, controlling excessive sweating. The effects last between 4 and 5 months after which time muscle function recovers.

What it is botulinum toxin type A and how it works

Botulinum toxin type A is a protein produced by a highly purified bacterium called Clostridium botulinum which, when given in very low doses, produces no harmful effects, although its origin.

It works by inhibiting the receptor charge on top of muscle contraction called acetylcholine, at the level of muscle endplate. The enzyme being blocked the receiver can not join him, so that blocking muscle contraction occurs.

When administering the toxin into a specific muscle decreases this activity, temporarily calming it down and preventing and improving wrinkles. After a period of between 3 to 6 months the treated muscle gradually regains its motor function. The effects are reversible.

Botulinum toxin type A is not a filler but actually is a muscle relaxant that attenuates wrinkles and controls axillary hyperhidrosis, palmar and plantar.


Expected results with botulinum toxin type A

Treatment is indicated to reduce wrinkles. By relaxing the muscles of the treated area, the surrounding skin appears smoother and less wrinkled. The patient may continue to express their emotions, smiling, frowning and feeling as wrinkles surrounding the treated area are softened and decrease depth.

Another indication of botulinum toxin treatment is axillary hyperhidrosis, palmar and plantar. Thus it regulates excess sweating by relaxing the muscle excretory sweat glands.


When observed the results and duration of treatment

The results are seen within a few days of being administered botulinum toxin type A. Each patient has a different answer, but in general, the effects begin between the third and fourth day, reaching a maximum effect between 7 and 14 days.

The average duration of treatment is between 4 and 5 months after which muscle function gradually recovers. After several treatments, the wrinkles are reduced and the effects last longer in some patients because of a possible educator effect of botulinum toxin type A on facial muscles.

To correct the expression wrinkles experts in cosmetic medicine recommend a treatment every four months the first year, to continue treatment every six months from the second year. Patients will observe a year of treatment a significant decrease in wrinkles more pronounced and disappearance of minor wrinkles expression. From the second year of treatment sessions will be adapted to each patient mimicry, being sufficient the application of botulinum toxin type A twice a year to maintain results. As for the treatment of hyperhidrosis usually carried out a session every 6-7 months.


Edited by Patricia Crespo Pujante

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dra. Alicia Milotich Goberna

By Dra. Alicia Milotich Goberna
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Milotich Goberna is a reputed expert in Aesthetic Medicine. Currently he serves as head of the Unit of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Salvador Rodríguez-Camps Devís University Hospital Casa de Salud de Valencia. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1985 from the University of Buenos Aires. It is also Master in Aesthetic Medicine. He combines his dedication to aesthetic medicine to teaching, conducting training courses training in facial rejuvenation professionals from national and international medicine, as well as the Q-Med Academy of Paris and as Ambassador Galderma. He has participated as a speaker at numerous conferences and national and international Master Classes. He is also author of "Aesthetic Medicine Therapeutic Approach".

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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