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Written by: Dr. Prof. Leopoldo Pérez de Isla
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Cardiac imaging is non-invasive set of techniques used to diagnose the health or heart disease. They characterized by made of a shape called "noninvasive", i.e. processes in which no instruments for cutting or physically penetrating the skin or the body are used.

There are different techniques for accurate diagnosis of heart diseases, whether to discard such diseases or to prevent disease. They are mainly echocardiography, coronary heart CT and magnetic esonancia r, each in its various forms.


Techniques to diagnose heart disease

Echocardiography is the fundamental technique and is similar to that pregnant women are made ​​to see the baby. Coronary CT is similar to a TAC of any organ and it can be analyzed in detail the coronary arteries are the arteries that nourish the heart. Finally, cardiac MRI allows us to approach in a more accurate to state that echocardiography and heart function, which is required in some clinical settings.

These tests are done in a very convenient way for the patient and none or minimal risk and, properly applied, can make the diagnosis of most heart disease. In the same way, we can confirm that the heart is healthy.

Unlike ultrasound, conventional echocardiography does not require any prior preparation. However, if a stress or transesophageal echocardiography is tratade and in the case of coronary heart CT and MRI, will receive a series of simple instructions from your doctor before you do it. Depending on the patient and his medical history, the specialist will indicate one or more tests, depending on the needs of each person. Echocardiography should be performed by an experienced cardiologist, preferably accredited by the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the European Society of Cardiology. Coronary CT and cardiac MRI should be performed by a cardiologist and a radiologist, so that the results optimally guide about what is happening to the person.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Prof. Leopoldo Pérez de Isla

The renowned Dr. Pérez de Isla is a specialist in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging. He is currently Head of Unit of the Cardiovascular Image San Carlos Hospital in Madrid and associate professor at the Complutense University of Madrid. Dr. Pérez de Isla is accredited as a specialist in advanced echocardiography by the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the European Society of Cardiology. In addition, Dr. combines his scientific clinical activity, and is editor of the Spanish Journal of Cardiology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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