Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Written by: Dra.Prof. Pilar Rioja Torres
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Mastectomy is the complete removal of the breast. The main consequence it has for women is the loss of her femininity, which will mean a reduction in capacity for personal and social relations. Leads to a loss of self-esteem that can generate not only derivatives of feeling mutilated psychological problems but also their work, family and social environment will be affected. In short a complete woman will not feel.


In which cases is indicated breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction at the same time the intervention of mastectomy is always indicated, except in cases where you need to complete treatment with subsequent radiation therapy, in which case it is advisable to perform a delayed reconstruction, ie, once the aftertreatment completed surgery.


What types of reconstructive surgeries there?

Breast reconstruction can be immediate, in which case the expanders prostheses are commonly used. It is a prosthesis empty (unfilled) that through a device allowing the introduction progressively saline to the proper volume, as much as possible symmetrical to the healthy breast. Thus the process is less stressful for the patient since the filling of the expander it becomes progressively. Subsequently, the expander will be removed and replaced by a silicone prosthesis like those used in cosmetic surgery .

In the case of a delayed reconstruction, when the skin of the chest where it has performed the mastectomy received radiation therapy is necessary to use autologous tissue from the patient herself, which will provide healthy skin and muscle in addition to fat, according to the technique used. There are several types of reconstruction with autologous tissue such as reconstruction with latissimus dorsi. Using this technique an island of skin, subcutaneous fat and part of this muscle will be moved to the chest to reconstruct the breast is removed. Associate usually requires the use of expander prosthesis to give more volume to the breast. Other techniques are also very employed using skin and fat from the abdomen, DIEP and even abdominal muscle. It is more complex surgical techniques that require microsurgery level and experts in their realization. As Dorsal technique, it is moving skin and fat (and muscle if necessary) of the abdomen to the chest to create the new breast. Sometimes if the flap has enough volume not specify associate the placement of expanders. Like these, there are many other techniques using tissue from the patient itself, but its use is not widespread.


What is the reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex?

The reconstruction of the areola and nipple is the last step of the reconstruction. Usually the patient's own skin used to recreate a new sobreelevado nipple and then make a tattoo of both the new areola and nipple to give the same tone as the healthy breast. These techniques are performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.


Postoperative after breast reconstruction surgery

Postoperative reconstructive surgery varies depending on the technique used. Overall typically spend between 7 and 10 days of admission to discharge. Although it can be annoying the first few days, usually well tolerated intravenous analgesia during those days. Discharge is recommended not to make efforts not physically active, and will be the surgeon who will give you guidelines to follow gradually.

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By Dra.Prof. Pilar Rioja Torres

Dr. Rioja Torres is a renowned specialist in General Surgery and Digestive who has over 10 years of experience. During his long career he has been responsible for the Breast Pathology Unit of the Surgical Center Diagonal Córdoba, besides having published numerous specialty items. Outstanding in Oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery, currently he serves in the Reina Sofia University Hospital, where he is also guardian of residents in General Surgery, and the San Juan de Dios Hospital, both in Cordoba.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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