Laser cataract surgery Catalys

Written by: Dr. Rafael Morcillo Laiz
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The Catalys laser, femtosecond, provides cataract surgery greater safety, accuracy and speed in the most delicate stages of intervention. Thus, the technique makes the best choice.


Laser technique Catalys

The Catalys Precision Laser System device was designed in the United States to make the cut of the capsule (capsulotomy), fragmentation of the lens via ultrasound (to remove) incisions to correct astigmatism, and others that allow you to enter the equipment necessary for the operation (inserting the new lens, sutured, etc.).

laser catalys

Unlike the manual method used so far in cataract surgery, the laser Catalys allows the exact location, size and shaped cuts.

Specifically, this technique capsulotomy dimensions were 12 times more accurate, while its form was five times better; the integrity of the incision twice, thereby reducing the risk of future breakages.

All this allowed the applied ultrasound to break up the lens were 40% less.


Catalys laser in cataract surgery

When performing an incision in the cornea, we induce a small degree of astigmatism, which depends on the position and the size thereof. By using the femtosecond laser we can indicate the shape, size and position, always induce the least possible astigmatism and, more importantly, may take into account their value in the calculation of the intraocular lens, since always the same incisions will be made.

On the other hand, the femtosecond laser can indicate the size and position of the capsulotomy in real time, which allows us to always do that best suits the characteristics of the patient 's eye.

As for the lens fragmentation, this technique allows to break its nucleus in different ways depending on the type of cataract and surgeon preference, facilitating subsequent removal of the cataract. In addition, by fragmenting the lens we use less ultrasound in the following stages of surgery, a fact that is an advantage for the patient's eye.

In our clinics we have surgeons ophthalmologists experienced in laser cataract surgery Catalys, having intervened hundreds of patients with this technique.

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Dr. Rafael Morcillo Laiz

By Dr. Rafael Morcillo Laiz

Dr. Morcillo has extensive professional and teaching experience in the field of ophthalmic surgery and Polo Previous. His numerous publications and participation in research courses and demonstrate your commitment to continuing education and the pursuit of excellence in their professional work. It is also very remarkable collaboration in the field of cooperation and development of the neediest countries in Africa, with which it collaborates since 2004.

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