Benefits of surgery for type 2 diabetes

Written by: Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas
Published: | Updated: 18/05/2023
Edited by: Sofía Berrón

For many years we know the obesity surgery or Bariatric Surgery as this surgery resolves the type 2 diabetes. Has recently emerged the concept of surgery diabetes or metabolic surgery to treat type 2 diabetes in patients with overweight, not morbidly obese. Dr. Resa and her team, from Montpellier Zaragoza clinic, dedicated exclusively to the surgery of obesity and diabetes and medical control of cardiovascular risk, have become an international reference in the resolution of diabetes and obesity.


¿'s metabolic surgery


The metabolic surgery is one that acts on the digestive system and produces metabolic changes that health benefits are obtained by improving or eliminating the diabetes, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, etc. Mainly, this new concept is aimed to treat type 2 diabetes and avoid the cardiovascular risk. Cardiac and cerebral infarctions, lesions in the retina or the kidneys and ischemia of the lower extremities


¿, consisting in surgery


We can do various techniques, provided by laparoscopy, but the best results are offered bypass. We prefer the gastroileal bypass. Such intervention is to derive food from the top of the stomach to a more distal part of the intestine. In making this derivation food bypasses all the way and less sugar and fat is absorbed.

This technique costs us 30 minutes do it with a very quick recovery, painlessly and income in the clinic within 48 hours of operation. In addition, this intervention has an interesting quirk to achieve quality of life: the patient can eat normally, you do not need much lower intake and reductions in stomach



¿How patients feel after surgery


Recovery is very quick and declining blood sugar Progressive. Some patients leave the medication to be discharged, many along the first month. Most describes the phenomenon as&ldquo,&rdquo miracle ;. The lifetime change is complete. You lose weight and throughout its evolution about 90 % leave all kinds of medication, including the insulin, which will mean long-term lower cardiometabolic risk and longer survival with better quality of life, to prevent excess blood sugar dane vessels.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas

Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas is a specialist in General Surgery and Digestive Diseases with extensive international training and extensive professional experience. It is a world leader in bariatric surgery (obesity) and Diabetes . Pioneer in the technique of gastroileal bypass , he is also a member of the Spanish Society of the Ciurgía de la Obesidad (SECO).

Dr. Resa makes about 300 annual interventions, a number that places him - according to data from the SECO itself - as the specialist with the highest number of interventions per year. He has made more than 150 communications and presentations in congresses of the specialty and has received numerous awards for his work and research.

He is currently coordinator of the Unit of Laparoscopic Surgery of Obesity and Metabolism of Montpellier Clinic in Zaragoza.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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