Breast augmentation and breast-feeding is it possible?

Written by: Dra. Montserrat Casas Ripoll
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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Breast augmentation does not affect future breastfeeding. Breast implants are placed under the muscle so it does not interfere when breastfeeding.

Breast milk has its own tubes called galactóforos and never comes in contact with the implant. That is, babies are not at risk if they were breast-fed as having prosthesis.

Breast augmentation and breast-feeding

Breast augmentation before motherhood


Women who wish to have children and breastfeed them should to tell your surgeon before the operation. This may opt to use the submammary or armpit as a gateway for intervention. The periareolar route, around the areola, presents a greater risk because the ducts through which milk flows may be affected.

Do not be afraid to breastfeed, you can do from the beginning. There is a rumor that says the inability to breastfeed if less than one year of operation. It is completely false and has no scientific basis. If the operation is well done and the implants are quality, you can choose to breastfeeding from the beginning.

Another rumor is also false is that breastfeeding spoils the result of the operation. Tranquility: the aesthetic result does not worsen and repositioning of the prosthesis is not required. The implants are not affected by breastfeeding. The breasts are the same whether the breast is given or not.


Breast augmentation after motherhood


All women who are mothers are exposed to fall to them chest. The reason is not breastfeeding if the pregnancy itself. Weight and hormonal changes directly affect the fall of the chest, but does not occur in all women. Breastfeeding is not spoiling the chest.

After pregnancy, wait a minimum of 6 months to doing surgery. The body has been subjected to 40 weeks of changes and needs time to stabilize. Rushing can lead to obtain unsatisfactory results.


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By Dra. Montserrat Casas Ripoll
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Casas is a real leader in aesthetic medicine, he runs his own clinic since 1987. He is PhD from the University of Málaga, has completed his training with a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine, Master in Senology and Breast Pathology. It is also formed in botulinum toxin treatment.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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