Augmentation with breast prosthesis: advantages and disadvantages

Written by: Dr. Pedro Fernández Conti
Published: | Updated: 11/12/2018
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It is a surgical intervention during which breast implants are implanted through a minimal incision. It is carried out with the purpose of improving the shape of the breasts and increasing their volume, achieving today excellent results thanks to modern anatomical prostheses.

Types of breast prostheses

Broadly speaking we can divide the prosthesis in Round or Anatomical. The Round ones are limited to increase the volume in a rather unnatural way, while the Anatomies, in addition to increasing the volume, allow modifying the shape of the breasts according to the wishes of the patients, with much more predictable and natural results.


Risks of the increase with breast prostheses

At present the risk of rejection (capsular contracture) ranges between 1% and 2% of perfectly operated patients. This complication is much more frequent in patients operated with defective surgical techniques, in inappropriate operating rooms or with low quality breast prostheses.


Benefits of breast augmentation by prosthesis

The breast augmentation with prosthesis is today the only technique that allows to achieve sufficient volumes and excellent and predictable results. The possible alternative treatment (infiltration of the breasts with the patient's own fat) does not allow, today, more than touch up the breasts getting discreet increases in very specific areas. It is an excellent technique to complement the results obtained with prosthesis but absolutely insufficient if used alone.

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By Dr. Pedro Fernández Conti
Plastic surgery

Because of its excellent academic and clinical training and his extensive experience in Cosmetic Surgery, with a large number of patients operated successfully over 25 years of practice in private practice. He is a pioneer of the technique of liposuction in standing, practicing since 1990.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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