Specialty of Speech therapy

The dysorthography is a disorder of writing ability is manifested in children as a difficulty to transcribe the words correctly and follow the spelling rules. Therefore, both have difficulty associating sounds and spellings, to integrate those rules. This disorder usually occurs in children who also have other delays or disorders of oral or written language. Depending on the level of involvement, some other symptoms appear, but the most common are the faults of spellings, the confusion in the use of articles and correspondence, the omission of accents, confusion of letters, words or writing together error in the relationship between the words spoken and written transcript and the difficulty spelling. For the treatment of this disorder, assess the cause of dysorthography, often are visually or hearing impaired, speech problems or even an unfavorable environment for the study. According to the cause and extent of involvement, the speech therapist or child psychologist pose a treatment aimed at redirecting associates and / or learning problems and correct practice of writing.
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