Intimate male surgery

Specialty of Plastic surgery

The Penis Enhancement, or intimate surgery by male penile implants is a procedure performed in order to improve the appearance of the body, thus extending its length and increase its thickness, as well as to treat certain malformations of the foreskin and for clinical cases where penis size is extremely small. Surgery can lengthen the penis elongation up to three centimeters and is conducted through a skin incision at the base of the genital organ under the pubic bone. Through the incision accessing the suspensory ligament, which is the part that holds the penis located within the body with the pubic bone. When performing elongation should cut that ligament to the penis is projected outward and can achieve greater length in flaccid state. Furthermore, thickening surgery involves the injection of fat from the patient, or other fillers, under the skin of the penis to increase the perimeter of the body up to two centimeters. By using patient's own fat, must be performed before a small liposuction procedure to remove fat from the abdomen or thighs, that after a purification treatment may be injected.

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