Mouth cancer

Specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral cancer is a type of malignant tumor that can occur anywhere in the oral cavity. Among the different types there are, depending on your location, the most common are tongue cancer and cervical cancer, often caused by metastasis first has a strong tendency to invade nearby areas. Normally, it manifested by the presence of whitish lesions in the oral mucosa, an ulcer-like appearance. Therefore, given a mouth suspicious-looking wound that has not healed in a couple of weeks, you should consult your doctor to analyze injury Early detection is essential for the treatment of oral cancer, which require specialists combine surgery to remove the specific cancer therapy (radiotherapy, chemotherapy ...) and, in most patients, reconstructive surgery to restore the area affected its functionality and appearance. Finally, it notes that the causes most cases of oral cancer are the consumption of snuff and alcohol, excessive exposure to sunlight and inadequate oral hygiene, among others.

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