Doctors from Triviño, Cirugía Plástica y Estética

Aesthetic Medicine

Dra. Ana Archidona Jiménez

Aesthetic Doctor

Areas of expertise:

Botulinum toxin (botox)  | Hyaluronic Acid  | Facial Mesotherapy  | Cryolipolysis  | Face tension wires | Carboxytherapy

Nutrition & Dietetics

Georgina Dolcet Carrera

Dietitian & Nutritionist

Areas of expertise:

Nutritional Coaching  | Nutrigenetic analysis | Weight Control  | Custom Diets  | Obesity  | Anthropometric study

Plastic surgery

Dr. José María Triviño

Plastic Surgeon

Areas of expertise:

Breast lift or mastopexy  | Tuberous Breast  | Breast Asymmetry  | Breast Reduction  | Labiaplasty  | Transgender mastectomy

Dra. Ana Rodríguez Vega

Plastic Surgeon

Areas of expertise:

Vaginoplasty  | Lymphedema  | Intimate feminine surgery (Labioplasty)  | Breast augmentation | Dermolipectomy

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