We are able to diagnose and treat all types of tumors

Written by: Dr. Alfredo Millà Santos
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Ten years ago, the leaders of the Nuestra Clinica. Ms.. Remei Barcelona chose to redirect the structure of the Service de Oncologia Medica of orienting center to provide patients with cancer a comprehensive care environment in which, together with the availability of the most advanced oncological therapies are offered to them and their relatives adequate and necessary personal attention that encourages emotional stability. The head of this unit is Dr. Milla Alfred Santos, internationally recognized specialist with experience in both domestic and foreign centers and well known contributions in the field of oncology. Since its inception, the service has experienced an exponential progression, requiring successive enlargements. Influences undoubtedly philosophy you printed Dr. Milla and has transmitted all its group prioritize the attention of the patient as a person


¿What is the differential value of your service compared to other centers


None of the treatments administered in principle. All we are governed by standard treatment protocols and manage virtually the same therapies. The main advantage of our service is that here the patient is very comfortable. Even when oncology treatments are not easy to accept and tolerate, try to create a family atmosphere for the patient to feel good. As anecdote always explain the case of a well-known actor I quit a few chapters to participate in a series of non- treatment group change and lose contact with their“peers”. The secret is to create a team with the right level, both scientific and psychological, to deal with this disease together.

By what counts, teamwork is very important.

It is essential. I have always maintained that the“team”treating a patient is made by doctors, nurses and the rest of the group from psycho-oncology care and nutrition. In this large group of professionals should join the involvement of the patient and of his family environment. We noticed how patients support each other so being found to the process safer. Interestingly, patients will call them“club” our day hospital place to go so to receive periodic chemotherapy treatments. In addition, we have also found curious facts. We know that patients spontaneously organize outings and are for celebrations. We all understand the importance of establishing a good relationship with the patient to help them overcome their fears. In short, this is the easiest way to do. Proximity, accompaniment, creating a good environment, there is good communication, feel welcome and take special care of the process and its treatment are essential elements work in our service.

¿What types of cancer can be treated


In our service we are able to diagnose and treat all types of malignancies, both in the field of so-called solid tumors such as breast, ovarian, colon or lung, as malignant blood diseases, eg, Hodgkin's disease, lymphomas... Today we must emphasize that, considering globally all neoplastic pathology is achieved between 50 and 60 % cure. In most other cases results in increased survival and quality of life.

¿are the tumors with the highest incidence in the population


In men stand digestive tumors, especially colorectal cancer and lung tumors. Notably, the decline in the incidence of stomach cancer and the increase in the numbers of pancreatic cancer, which is diagnosed more often than a few years ago. I think it influenced aspects of environmental and food character, since low residue diets, eating more refined foods–thus far&ndash called Mediterranean diet;act with other factors in increasing the numbers of diagnoses. In women, the first diagnosis is breast cancer followed by digestive tumors, ovarian cancer, etc. A curious fact is that we are seeing the last years an increase in the incidence of lung cancer in women, snuff clearly related to the tumor.

¿recognize symptoms that may allow to make an early diagnosis


There are a number of symptoms, called signs of cancer guide, guide to enabling early diagnosis. We all know well our body and our habits and also changes in a lunar aspect, abnormal bleeding, changes in habits cough, hoarse or more difficult in smokers voice, frequent feelings of indigestion, difficulty swallowing, appearance of any lump or change in the rate of deposition would place us in a scenario where it would be possible to diagnose a tumor in curable stage. It is important to know that it is possible to diagnose precancerous conditions such as neck injuries with a simple matrix vaginal cytology or bowel polyps by colonoscopy.

news constantly appearing in the media indicating advances in treatments. & iquest, As we consider this news


Cautiously and hope. Caution because in most cases intentionally leaked news are posted and do not represent anything or only a small positive side, sometimes translated results of preliminary investigations without potential for use in human clinical. Hope for the finding that investigates all levels and to be producing noteworthy advances are leading to improvements in treatment outcomes. For example, in the lines of the monoclonal antibodies appear almost daily new molecules. Some yesteryear effectively in tumors refractory to any attempt at treatment, such as kidney tumors, melanomas, etc.. This is derived from increasingly better understanding of the biology of the tumor cell.

Chemotherapy causes many negative effects. & iquest;Jumps also alleviate them in the form of


Indeed. Relatively few years ago we administered chemotherapies arsenal with little to alleviate the secondary symptoms. Fortunately today we have many medicines that prevent, in practically all cases, such unpleasant effects such as nausea and vomiting. We also support our units psychological and nutritional support influence the better tolerance and therefore a better quality of life. Unfortunately, effects like hair loss can not be ignored even if alleviate their psychological impact thanks to advances in hair prosthesis we have.

¿What parameters define its welfare policy


The Nuestra Clinica. Ms.. Del Remei is a private medical center whose management team has always opted for a medicine of the highest technology and the formation of new units themselves the center that make the highest and best bid is. Regarding medical oncology we are equipped with the most advanced facilities and pointers, yesteryear only accessible in the public sphere. In fact, our service can do the same treatments or actions at any public center. One thing I would like to highlight is the agility that provide each patient for personal attention. A personal decision of mine is the absence, under any circumstances, waiting lists, patients being visited daily or at most 24 hours to request consultation, initiating treatment with the maximum speed. The treatment decisions are made based on protocols that are multidisciplinary character and assumed by all professionals who sometime act in the patient's treatment. In fact, the coincidence has been instrumental in my professional focus on the type of attention that should be taught in oncology with the vision of the Directorate of the center and the Institute of the Sisters of San Jose De Girona, who belongs and Clinic gives high value on human attention that is given to patients.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Alfredo Millà Santos

By Dr. Alfredo Millà Santos
Medical Oncology

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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