Symptoms and treatment of cornea gutatta

Written by: Dr. José Luis Rodríguez Prats
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The doctor. Rodríguez is a specialist in the Oftalvist ophthalmology clinic. This article talks about the cornea gutatta, a layer that is in front of the iris and can cause several symptoms in the patient if it is endemized.


The cornea is the transparent layer of the eye that is in front of the iris.


There is a layer of cells, on its inner side, which are responsible for maintaining the transparency of this natural lens and allow us a clear vision. This number of cells can decrease for various reasons - in addition to a natural loss throughout life - such as congenital diseases of the cornea, inflammation or infection , use of contact lenses, degenerative processes or complicated surgeries.


The cornea is the transparent layer of the eye that is in front of the iris


Symptoms of the Gutatta cornea

When there is a significant loss or poor functionality of the cells mentioned above, the cornea becomes edematized, imbibed with water. This occurs because its function, which is to constantly extract water from the cornea so that it has an exact concentration that allows precise transparency, is lost and a whitening of the cornea occurs, gradually decreasing the vision. In order to understand what is the vision of a patient with a decomposed gutatta cornea, we could say that it would be similar to seeing through a clouded glass, being able to perceive only lumps.


Early diagnosis is basic when it comes to treating the problem.


This usually occurs in routine ophthalmological examinations, through the examination with a biomicroscope that "cuts" the cornea with fine beams of light. A more effective and objective way to make a diagnosis is through an endothelial microscope , which allows us to measure the population of cells per square millimeter and be able to make an exact follow-up over time.


Guttata cornea treatment

In the most advanced cases of cornea gutatta, we must resort to a transplant of the endothelium by that of a donor, through a very sophisticated surgery called endothelial transplantation. It is important to remember that in the presence of a cataract, it should be operated as early as possible and with very protective techniques such as cataract surgery, very delicate and qualified.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José Luis Rodríguez Prats

Ophthalmologist international recognition, with over twenty years of experience. Dr. Rodriguez Prats has received numerous awards throughout his career including Chibret Award for Best Doctoral Thesis 2008 and the Second Prize Best Doctoral Thesis Official College of Physicians of Alicante 2009 addition Troutman Award of the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2008. Member of numerous prestigious societies. Dr. Rodriguez also regularly collaborates in humanitarian missions physical presence Burkina-Fasso in Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Ghana

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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