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No body hair and skin safety

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To remove the unwanted body hair has been the subject of multiple methods for years. Different technological advances and knowledge as cutaneous pielyanejos behaves led us to proclaim the laser as the only effective method for hair removal. This clinically proven lasers market in the hands of trained physicians achieve permanent hair reduction safely and effectively. But we can offer news on this topic.

Dr. Elizabeth Bove Dr is part of the team. AlexCamps Fresneda, renowned dermatologist. They are specialists in laser medicine and recognized for their Lectures on national and international level. They answered us to the following questions:

¿, consisting in laser hair removal


In our center we have opted for safety and efficacy in a method approved by the FDA and medical care with personalized expert on the subject.

One of the great challenges of the laser industry was reaching the target organ regardless melanin skin burns and not disable the use of laser hair removal with minimal tanning.

The system Soprano®XL- SHR (Super Hair Removal ) is a new technique of hair removal with a laser diode with moving heads adapted to all body parts, hair removal for men, women and pubertal.

¿That doctor used laser


We use a revolutionary concept in the field of lasers. This is the&ldquo,&rdquo gradual photothermolysis ;. The energy applied at low doses but repetition makes the temperature sufficient to accumulate in the hair follicle and the perifollicular dermis to produce minimal discomfort and a high effectiveness. Thus it manages to destroy the stem -cells or stem cells and hair is removed permanently.

¿, the sun can be taken during treatment


We can come to destroy the hair without causing skin burns while the patient is tanned or of a race with more melanin in the skin. This allows us to continue plucking in summer although the sun is made.

¿What body areas can be made


The whole body. Body waxing ( underarm, English, men chest, nipples, etc.) and face ( eyebrows, lateral brow, mustache ) can be performed. Lets deal with pathologies related to hair treatment with other methods difficult. Scrotal skin ( transplant urethra), folliculitis ( skin bumps ), shaving of skin grafts, among others



We have found that a depilatory system to heat the hair follicle temperature sufficient to treat, while a minimal amount of thermal energy to the epidermis is delivered, will be virtually painless and will offer effective results.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
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By Redacción de Topdoctors

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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