Rhinoplasty: Surgery and postoperative

Written by: Dr. Manuel David Tomás Barberán
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Rhinoplasty, what is the surgery of the nose?

The surgery of the nose consists of two fundamental factors: in being able to make the patient breathe better, that we can breathe better through the nose, and two, that we can change the shape of the nose. Many times we need to do both, it is necessary to change the shape of the nose so that the patient can breathe better. But of course, what we can not do is that a patient has a nice nose and does not breathe. The two go together and it's like it has to be to get a good result and a happy patient.

What procedures can be performed?

On the nose we can do different procedures. If it is for the boarding, we can do closed procedures or, currently, the most usual thing is that we do open procedures. Open rhinoplasties in which a small incision is made on the columella, on this area, and allows us a much wider exposure and more consistent results. On the other hand, we can do rhinoplasty in which we intend to reduce the shape of the nose, regularize it, make the nose higher, lower ... In reality we can change practically everything. All within limits.



What corrections can be made in the nose?

Corrections in the nose we can do all. The most usual, in Spain, where we have Mediterranean noses that are big noses, with a high hump, the most usual thing is to have to reduce a hump and have to make a point that is more harmonious, more suitable. It is also frequent, more and more, that we have to improve the exposure of the mouth by changing the position of the nose a little because we do not have to forget that the second part that we most look at one face after the eyes, is the mouth.

Post-operative rhinoplasty, how is recovery?

The post-operative of a rhinoplasty is becoming easier. For now, I do not use tampons, which makes it very comfortable for the patient to breathe and not have pain. Rhinoplasty is not a painful procedure, although it is reputed to be. How many days will it be? Well, it's going to take a splint, a piece of plastic in the nose in part of the outside of the nose, for four or five days and then we'll remove it and the patient should already be able to look pretty good. You may have to use a minimum of makeup at some time and little else. The truth is that in a week you should be able to return to your normal work or social life.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Manuel David Tomás Barberán

ENT expert with over 25 years of experience. Especially prominent in ear surgery, cochlear implants and middle ear and facial plastic surgery. Introducing different techniques and always concerned about the technological developments related to their specialty. He is currently the Head of Otolaryngology Juaneda Clinic, University Hospital Sword Sleep and Chiron Hospital of Palma de Mallorca. Current Chairman of the Section of Facial Plastic Surgery and Training previously the Spanish Society of Otolaryngology. He is an honorary member of many Ibero-American societies ENT lectures frequently. For Service, they spend more than 20 specialists a year, from Spain and Latin America, to complete his training. Throughout the years he has developed a school of Otolaryngology most prominent in the field of speaking.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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