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Written by: Dra. Assumpció Saurina
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Facelifts at any age Over time cellular oxidation occurs. This causes aging of human organs and structures, which allowed also be seen in the aesthetics. Thus, the deterioration of the skin at the cellular level is still starts in youth: from approximately 25, begins declining collagen synthesis, with consequent sagging, skin thinning and creating wrinkles.

It is at this early age when specialists Aesthetic Medical recommend starting with the habits of prevention of aging, especially if it seeks to maintain in the future a young and radiant face with minimal visible signs of time.


Tips for Youthful Skin

To prevent aging or delay its visible effects on the skin, avoid those habits that increase cellular oxidation. The main situations that you should avoid in youth are:

  • smoking
  • Stressful situations
  • Bad nutrition
  • Solar radiation


A facial treatment for every age

It is true that aesthetic medicine treatments are not aimed at a specific age, if not the patient's own needs, the result of their lifestyle, habits, characteristics and expectations.

However, in general there are certain treatments that are very beneficial to the skin and allow to prevent or reduce the passage of time visible body and face:

Facelifts to 20 years: preventive treatments are usually totally, all based on skin hydration, peelings, etc.

Facelifts at 30, 40 years at this age is when the skin deterioration begins, so in addition to preventive treatments, in some cases should improve some unaesthetisms or imperfection fruit onset of sagging with hyaluronic acid. In some cases it may be useful thread lift therapy.

Facial rejuvenation from 50 years and entering at maturity is often the case that have discolorations, ie, discoloration of the skin due to deterioration. In these cases, besides the aforementioned laser treatments you may need to be applied to smooth and uniform color spots.

Moreover, the use of Botox to reduce wrinkles generalizes, tension wires and fillers are usually inevitable for greater firmness and good maintenance with collagen stimulators as polylactic acid is. There is often excess skin on upper eyelids requiring surgical blepharoplasty or skin sublimation plasma.

These are the most demanded firm to keep young skin treatments as well as a face and body. The most important before undergoing any treatment is to have the advice of a good professional in aesthetic medicine, because they know all kinds of treatments and alternatives to advise each patient who will perfectly suit its characteristics and prospects outcome.

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By Dra. Assumpció Saurina
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Saurina is a renowned specialist in Aesthetic Medicine with extensive training behind him. It has numerous degrees in different subjects of the Cosmetic medicine as a Master Aging Medicine by the Autonomous University of Barcelona or degree in laser techniques, among many others. Currently she combines teaching profession, as he teaches courses in their specialty and speaker at conferences both nationally and internationally. He acts as Medical Director at the Dental Clinic and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Saurina in Girona.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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