What to do in case of tinnitus?

Written by: Dr. Carlos Saga Gutiérrez
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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The perception of noise in the ear, without the need for an external sound source is called Tinnitus.

acufenos The most common form of manifestation of tinnitus is transiently appears unrelated to other pathologies or hearing impairment. Therefore, it is most likely subsides spontaneously over a period of hours or days and not wearing associated deafness or other disease.

Secondly, we found the tinnitus that occurs in patients with previous hearing loss, particularly in the case of exposure to occupational noise. The association of hearing loss and tinnitus vertigo crisis will be found in Meniere's disease. A tinnitus as part of other diseases of greater importance, though possible, is exceptional, a consultation with a specialist will allow you to relax and face a future without discomfort.


Causes of tinnitus

In many cases it is impossible to identify with certainty the cause of them, but we know that changes in the vascularization or the muscles near the ear and, more frequently, injuries in the course of the auditory nerve from the inner ear to the brain are the cause of tinnitus. 

Factors that cause tinnitus

Generally the factors that can damage the inner ear also cause tinnitus. Constant or sudden exposure to loud sounds at work or in leisure time and pressure changes as those occurring in diving, affecting cells in the ear which, when disturbed, can cause tinnitus.

It is very common to experience the feeling of transient tinnitus after passing a concert or a disco, if noise exposure is longer or more severe tinnitus may persist over time.


Heritable component of tinnitus

In some families there is an inherited weakness of the inner ear that favors the onset of deafness, in these cases, it is not uncommon also appear tinnitus. 

Tinnitus treatments

All tinnitus can be treated. As with other illnesses, not in all cases there is a cure, but in the vast majority of cases, a proper study and appropriate treatment can improve the patient's condition.

There are different types of treatment to be applied depending on the data obtained during the study of each patient.

The use of medication will resolve or improve tinnitus acting at the level of the ear or the auditory nerve connections in the brain.

Where we find associated hearing loss or hearing aid using implants improve tinnitus as stimulation useful ear noise can mask the tinnitus.

In other cases, the resolution of ear disease by surgery will also be able to fix the tinnitus.

In any case it will be essential that the patient receives the most information possible about their condition and have the opportunity to understand what it is and how to remedy as patient cooperation favors the development of mechanisms that increase very significantly tolerance tinnitus.


Prevention of tinnitus

The noise protection is the most important measure to prevent tinnitus. Proper monitoring of hearing health by the proper treatment of ear pathology specialist otolaryngologist are the best preventive measures.

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By Dr. Carlos Saga Gutiérrez

Leading specialist in Otolaryngology, Dr. Carlos Gutierrez Saga is an expert in vertigo, balance problems, and in recent years has a special interest in endoscopic techniques. He graduated in Medicine from the University of Navarra and the Basque President of Society of Otolaryngology since 2015, and member of many scientific societies of first level as the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Specialist Polyclinic Gipuzkoa since 1999, combines this activity with the professional work of Optional area specialist at the Hospital of Mendaro. It is also a speaker at numerous courses and conferences.

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