What is Mesotherapy?

Written by: Dr. Rafael Bel Roé
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Established in France more than 50 years, mesotherapy is today considered worldwide as one of the most effective non-surgical treatment for cellulite. But, what is it?


What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a therapeutic method comprising administering small doses of drugs by intradermal injections multiply.

Applications are made ​​in the area that we want to try. It involves applying medication directly where the problem is, by allowing us to treat many conditions, among them aesthetically as follows:

  • Cellulite: using substances that promote blood circulation, drainage, remodeling of the fiber tracts or regulating fat metabolism, we can tailor treatment to each type of cellulite or each point in its evolution.
  • Sagging: in this case use substances such as organic silicon or DMAE, stimulate the formation of elastin and collagen fibers which exert a clamping effect.                             
  • Localized fat: infiltrate substances that slow fat metabolism and act on the destruction of fat cells.


¿Mesotherapy for weight loss?

Importantly, mesotherapy does not work for weight loss, mesotherapy is no kilos down, this is a hoax that is often heard and be radically false. To lose weight you need to make a properly posed to the patient and appropriate diet, claim otherwise it is to generate false expectations to the patient.

Instead, mesotherapy itself will help you recover your silhouette, improving skin appearance, facilitate better blood circulation and correct problems arising from it.


Injection mesotherapy

Each session follows a standard steps:

  • Advance preparation: with the patient lying careful disinfection of the area is performed. No application of local anesthetic is necessary.
  • Treatment: to alleviate discomfort further puncture anesthetic sprays can be used with cold. Micro-injections are performed every 1-2cm, covering the entire area to be treated.
  • Post treatment: It is important to keep the area disinfected. This will avoid creams or touching the area by hand until two hours after treatment.

The treatment time per session is relatively short, lasting a maximum of fifteen minutes. At least twelve separate including a minimum of seven days and it is always advisable, once the treatment is finished, perform refresher sessions sessions are necessary.


Mesotherapy results

Results are noticed from the fifth or sixth session, depending on various factors. A reduction of localized fat is observed, the skin of the treated area and cellulite or orange peel is reduced reaffirmed.

Another effect of mesotherapy is decreased fluid retention by improving blood circulation, avoiding the warmer months, inflammation and the discomforts of this time of the year.

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By Dr. Rafael Bel Roé
Aesthetic Medicine

Reference in aesthetic medicine, with over twenty years of experience. Dr. Bel is an expert in facial rejuvenation treatment with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, as well as aesthetic phlebology. Accredited by the Department of Health of the Government of Aragon to the use and application of botulinum toxin Vistabel. It is also Specialist in Clinical Nutrition and diagnosis and surgical treatment of obesity.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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