Myths and Facts About Varicose Veins

Written by: Dr. Xavier Puncernau
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Varicose veins are a manifestation of chronic venous disease, and one of the central themes of the Vascular Surgery. Sometimes, before the varices appear, heaviness, tiredness and swelling is experienced in the legs. Here we provide some myths and truths in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins:


varices, debated • Standing or sitting with legs long low appear favors varices.

True, because gravity hinders the return of blood in the veins and therefore, these are dilated and sometimes the valves that keep blood flowing just not closing properly.


• The massage with hot and cold water in the shower are good for the circulation.

False, because the heat of the water causes swelling of veins. You should only do massage or showers with warm and cold water, shrinks as the superficial veins. That's why there is usually invests in improving the symptoms of varicose veins.


• In summer you can not treat varicose veins.

False. It is popularly believed that in summer can not be treated varicose veins, sclerotherapy or laser techniques or. This myth is based on the mistake of trying to get immediate results to show off legs during the summer, which is impossible, since a treated varicose vein resorption takes a while before disappearing.


• A person with varicose veins should not go to the beach or sunbathing.

False. It is true that the sun can develop new varicose veins, but what are harmful infrared and ultraviolet not, they are the ones who put us brown. Therefore, if we dip our legs frequently and spread with sunscreen can enjoy the beach all we want. Another solution is to go to the beach during the hours when the sun's little heated, such as early morning or late afternoon.


• Exercise is important to improve circulation.

Incidentally, since all the sports that move the legs create a calf muscle contraction. This causes the veins are emptied and activated return circulation. Therefore, the blood stagnates and not varices are prevented.


• A great athletes they come in all extremities varices.

False. Excessive exercise makes you get greater volume of blood in the arteries to meet the oxygen requirements of the muscles. Ultimately, this leads to further development of the veins and they enlarge, which is sometimes confused with varicose veins.


• The long journeys by plane can cause thrombosis in the legs.

Some. This is known as "economy class syndrome" and is due to the obligation to stand still in a very small space during the flight and by decreasing the pressure in the cabin. These factors make it easier for people with venous diseases develop thrombosis in the lower limbs. these people who take anticoagulant therapy with compression stockings or socks and do flexion and extension exercises with the feet during flight is advised.

• There are "internal varicose veins" in the legs.

False, because in the lower limbs varicose veins are only superficial. Internally there can be insufficient for destruction of the valves in the deep veins, but this never cause varicose veins. What can happen is to facilitate the development of superficial varicose veins by the communication between the deep venous system and superficial.


• Varicose veins can be operated again.

False. If radical surgery such as laser surgery, is performed all varicose veins disappear and it is impossible to re-emerge in areas operated. However, if an incomplete surgery is performed, is not fully eliminated or visible varicose veins or collateral and so there is a popular belief that varicose veins have to operate more than once.


• When leaving leg ulcers, improves circulation.

False. There is a false belief that says that when you suffer from serious varicose veins, to finally open sores are "discharged" circulation and improved person. The reality is quite the reverse, since ulcers are the final phase of a very serious venous insufficiency.


• Contraceptives are output varices.

Incidentally, although it has only been able to show that, statistically, women taking contraceptives for long periods of time develop small varices, type "vascular spider" but whenever they have genetic predisposition or other risk factors that favor.


• The night cramps and tingling in the legs are signs of poor venous circulation.

False. Normally, paresthesias (tingling and cramps) are due to an alteration of sensory nerve cords, one of the gastrocnemius muscle contractility or other systemic disorders.


• sclerosis treatment not only eliminates the treated varicose veins, but also prevents the development of new varicose veins.

True, as well as eliminating varicose veins that are to be treated, it does not allow the development of varicose veins that would grow to be collateral veins already sclerotic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Xavier Puncernau

By Dr. Xavier Puncernau
Vascular Surgery

He is the cofounder of the company Angio Vascular Projects, dedicated to the study, research and treatment of vascular disease. He is also co-founder of the technique of laser surgery for varicose veins ELAV. He has a long career and more than 40 scientific publications in specialized journals.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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