Mastopexy: all about breast lift

Written by: Dra. Ainhoa Barriola Azaldegi
Published: | Updated: 18/11/2018
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Mastopexy is a surgical procedure performed in order to elevate and reaffirm the chest. As the years pass, this body part is affected after the structural and functional changes to which it is subjected, plus the inevitable gravity that causes sagging and drooping.

Breast implant Volume changes by changes in weight, pregnancy and lactation, along with the deterioration experienced by the mammary gland because physiological hormonal variations, changes in skin elasticity, excessive volume and times sun exposure and lack of use of the bra are inducing a flaccid breast and listless.


Procedure before a mastopexy

In Aesthetic Medicine , mastopexy combined with a breast reduction in cases of excess volume and where the patient would also shrink.

During the first appointment, the specialist will assess and perform a breast examination of the patient and in some cases, be asked mammography. In addition, we will explain the different surgical methods, the size and shape and end the most appropriate procedure for you will be discussed. They also explain what type of anesthesia to be applied, whether or not to enter the clinic and the costs of the intervention.

Moreover, remember to inform if you smoke or take any medication or vitamin, the number of pregnancies has had and if you want to get pregnant again or breastfeeding. Any matter which arises, especially those regarding your expectations about the results, it is important to ask the questions to your doctor.


What is the Mastopexia

Mastopexy surgery often needed in the clinic, giving discharge in a day or two as the case. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, the patient asleep for 2 to 4 hours remaining.

Currently, there are various techniques, but generally the incisions produced have anchor-shaped standing around the areola, in a vertical line down from the areola, and a horizontal line located at the crease under the breast. Through these incisions excess skin is removed and the areola and nipple in his new position is relocated.

In most cases the areola remains bound to its blood vessels and nerves while maintaining normal or near-normal sensation; however, in cases of large pexias it may become necessary to completely separate the areola and include it in a new position, thereby losing the feeling. After surgery, drainage tubes, which will be removed in a day or two, and a bandage around the breasts are placed.

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By Dra. Ainhoa Barriola Azaldegi
Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Dr.. Barriola is an expert in aesthetic head and neck and body, breast, intimate surgery and aesthetic medicine. Medical equipment belonging to different hospitals and clinics in Spain as reputable as Clinica Planas in Barcelona, ​​currently has his own private practice called Aesthetic Medical Center Ainhoa ​​Barriola Azaldegi and performs surgeries at the Polyclinic in Guipuzcoa Donostia. He has participated in numerous conferences, courses and communications on their specialty, also belongs to several Spanish companies and the European College of Aesthetic Medicine.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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