Halitosis: a problem that has a solution

Written by: Dr. Jonas Nunes
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Halitosis is bad breath or bad mouth odor. The causes may be oral, by a problem in any organ of the mouth (teeth, gums, saliva or tongue) or extraoral (impaired respiratory, digestive ...). Usually it originates in the mouth, as a result of the breakdown of food bacteria.

The most recent developments and findings in the treatment of Halitosis have allowed substantially increase the success rate of healing. The reasons for this success are:


Increased understanding of the causes and pathophysiological phenomena involved

Scientific research on the causes of halitosis has managed to deepen its generating conditions. For example, recently it has been linked taking tricyclic antidepressants with halitosis. This development has made the diagnosis more solid and comprehensive.


The unidisciplinary approach has given way to multi - disciplinary approach

After noting the variety of causes involved consultations Dentistry specialist in halitosis they have progressed to a multidisciplinary approach. This situation has prevented the constant decanting of patients between specialties.


Improvement of specific diagnostic technology

The technology used to diagnose and treat halitosis has been perfected. These advances have not only clarify and improve the procedure, also the quality of the final result.


More effective therapeutic agents

In parallel with the technological developments of the measuring apparatus, in recent years there have been new techniques and more effective therapeutic agents. Thus, there has been more decisive action treatment.


Specific clinical protocols Development

With the experience gained through the treatment of halitosis, we have developed clinical diagnostic protocols for routine use. Some of these protocols are innovative, with orientation lines and specific methodologies.Many patients and professionals still believe that if bad breath is not solved with a re-education of oral hygiene habits, possibly no solution. The success rate in treating bad breath began to register with the appearance of the first clinical centers during the 90s, led by researchers prepared and access to the latest findings on pathology. Since 1996, the results have been significantly higher.



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By Dr. Jonas Nunes

The prestigious Dr. Jonas Nunes has spent a decade dedicating himself to the treatment and research of halitosis and related pathologies. Author of several books on this subject, the doctor has a broad curriculum and extensive experience, both as a medical professional as a teacher and lecturer.

Today, he is part of the Pardiñas Clinic team and is Director of the Breath Research Institute .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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