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Written by: Juan Vicente López Díaz
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herniated discs, sciatica, lumbago, muscle overload, whiplash, arthritis, headaches, tendonitis, as well as sports, work injuries and even surgical procedures that require rapid recovery ...

This type of very common problems are usually treated by conventional physiotherapy and cared for in centers of mutuals and Social Security.

But what we call physiotherapy is not the same. Not all perform the same techniques physiotherapists. There are levels of quality and, therefore, difference in results.

There is a physical therapy based on scientific evidence and conducted by highly qualified professionals that provides effective solutions in pathologies that cause pain and not resolved satisfactorily by traditional medicine or standard physiotherapy advanced manual physiotherapy and movement.

Scientific advances allow us to ensure that manual physical therapy and movement, applied by an expert physiotherapist is effective and quick solution for many of the injuries to which we have referred.

There are several effective and safe techniques, including developed by the Spanish physiotherapist D. John V. Lopez Diaz, called POLD Method Manual Physical Therapy. Such a method has more than 25 years of clinical application, it has been presented at prestigious international congresses physiotherapy and has editorial and scientific publications supporting its effectiveness.

In the top graph, for example, the evolution of treatment is shown in a herniated disc. The red line represents patients receiving traditional treatment of physiotherapy and blue represents patients treated with the method POLD. It is observed that the pain subsides before, and to a greater extent in patients treated with the method POLD in traditional treatment patients. It is possible to solve these lesions in a short time and in most cases permanently, without surgery, in an average of ten treatment sessions (published in Manual Therapy, doi: 10.1016 / j.math.2014.11.013 .).

What does it consist of? The treatment is applied by manual oscillatory movement causing various effects, among which are: elimination of pain, severe muscle contractions and relaxation of metabolic changes in tissues that remove chemical pain generators. These effects generate a regenerative stimulus cartilage and injuries to the spinal discs and, in most cases, the arrangement of the neural structures to be not pressed, resorption of the herniated disc and a refreshing stimulation injured ring. As shown resonance example, down, one of thousands of cases treated with the method POLD worldwide.

The effects are felt from the first session. In most cases from 3-5 sessions a great improvement is obtained and few patients exceeding ten sessions for stable and lasting results. In POLD method, 80% of patients reached effective clinical results. Pold International Institute is located in Barcelona and has offices in several cities and countries.

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By Juan Vicente López Díaz
Physical therapy

Renowned physiotherapist, Mr. López Díaz is the author of POLD Method Manual therapy, which has been scientifically proven to be a very effective treatment for herniated discs with a successful resolution of the 88% of them physiotherapy. He is President of the Institute of Physical and POLD President Omphis Foundation. He has been awarded several times. In addition to teaching continuing education courses for physiotherapists in many countries and be a speaker at the most prestigious international congresses physiotherapy, works as lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy at the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya and universities in several countries in Latin America.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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