Endovascular treatment exponent of innovation in vascular surgery

Written by: Dr. Vicente Riambau
Published: | Updated: 21/11/2018
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Constantly the techniques and technological advances for medicine bring many benefits for patients and for health professionals. Also in vascular surgery where the recent technological development applied to the diagnostic and therapeutic methods of the pathology of the circulatory system has led to an expansion of the possibilities of treatment for those patients suffering from vascular disorders .


Endovascular treatment is the most relevant exponent of the recent and continuous technological innovation


Endovascular treatment is the most relevant exponent of the recent and continuous technological innovation. As in other areas of medicine and surgery, treatments for vascular diseases are now more comfortable for patients, they have become less aggressive and more comfortable without sacrificing an absolutely proven effectiveness.. Endovascular treatment consists of the repair of blood vessel defects through the application of catheters introduced through small access points by puncture or with very small incisions. And for this the role of technological evolution has been fundamental, since it has enabled the development and manufacture of endovascular devices that can navigate through veins or arteries. These devices are now guided by sophisticated high-definition imaging systems, which allows us to repair damaged vessels. In addition, endovascular treatment now has great associated advantages such as the use of local anesthesia - in most cases - and the reduction of blood loss and the consequent rapid recovery of the patient.


The introduction of these new techniques has led to an authentic revolution in vascular surgical practice. Clear examples of this new stage are the repair of thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms with the application of endoprostheses , recanalization of obstructed arteries or repair of varicose veins.. In some cases it is replaced and in others, it complements open surgery. In addition, endovascular surgery has evolved in such a way that it has managed to add treatment possibilities for patients not suitable for open surgery.


All this shows the importance of technological advances in science in general and in vascular surgery, in this case, in particular. Because thanks to this evolution this therapeutic scenario that we have just described is the one that will be carried out for the vascular pathology of the 21st century. Fortunately, it is now possible to offer patients with circulatory problems in centers that have adopted and developed the most advanced technology.

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By Dr. Vicente Riambau
Vascular Surgery

It is one of the best physicians in the specialty of vascular surgery with prestigious national and international level. She combines her private practice in Teknon Medical Center in Chief of Vascular Surgery Thoracic Institute in the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona. President of the European Society for Vascular Surgery ( ESVs ) and vice ISVs (International Society for Vascular Surgery).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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