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Written by: Dr. Pablo Rial Serodio
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In recent years, dentistry has come a long way in cosmetic dental techniques, in order to provide each patient treatments needed to look perfect smile suit your needs and characteristics. Design smile is the best treatment for a completely healthy and natural, adapted to the physiognomy of each patient smile.


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The smile design procedure of Den Dental Clinic requires a thorough review and a complete diagnosis, so to identify the needs of the patient's mouth and get the most appropriate treatment in each case. Through a specific software design and following the aesthetic criteria, the team of dentists get the perfect smile adapt to each patient so that it looks natural and harmonious.

To achieve this natural effect, the position of the teeth is studied and its harmony with the gums and lips. Also the physical characteristics of the patient beyond his mouth, as its appearance, skin color, sex, age and preferences thereof. The goal is to get the best smile.


How the smile design?

This procedure requires a dental aesthetics previous study of patient characteristics. This analysis is divided into three areas:

1. Vertical analysis

This analysis takes into account two aspects: the proportions and dimensions of the teeth; and their relationship with the components that surround them . And for a smile look harmonious and natural, teeth must keep strict proportions of height, width and size each other.

The position of the upper incisors must allow can see from 2 to 4 mm with lips at rest. The smile, the lips should rise more from the corners than in the center of the mouth, creating a curved line with superior concavity. But that smile is completely harmonious, the edges of the upper teeth must be aligned in such a way to describe a curve with the same superior concavity formed by the lips.

In addition, the teeth also should be level with the gums, particularly with the limit of these. As the upper teeth have different sizes, it is important to maintain symmetry on both sides of the smile, and maintain a curved line with superior concavity.

Only when the concavities and lines of teeth, lips and gums match, an appropriate smile occurs.

2. sagittal analysis

The sagittal analysis is the analysis of the profile. To analyze patient profile a vertical line through the so- called subnasale, which is the midpoint of the lower edge of the nostrils profile is used. Taking this point as a reference, the upper lip must exceed this imaginary line from 2 to 4 mm, the lower lip must remain behind 2 mm upper lip, and chin should be 2 to 4 mm behind the lower lip.

The upper incisors are the support of the upper and lower lips, with a key position for dental aesthetics, so they must be placed so as to provide this support optimally.

3. masticatory analysis

In this analysis assesses the masticatory function of the patient as for the smile design to be effective, masticatory function must be perfect.

Using images of the inside of the oral cavity, one can observe that the operation of the overload masticatory function not any of the components of the masticatory system and ensure the health of the teeth.


An aesthetic and efficient smile

From all these records exposed, the diagnosis is removed and a treatment plan is proposed accordingly. In this diagnosis a series of treatments are proposed, following a few basic criteria that govern the relationship between functionality and aesthetic dental and gum. Some of these treatments include: the introduction of veneers, whitening by cold light, reconstructing edges of the teeth, gum surgery, changing fillings other more aesthetic white or implantation of teeth among others.

By design software smile a digital image is achieved 3D patient's smile. The virtual simulations of the program allow the dentist to choose the best smile for each patient and that it can see the result before performing the treatment, so that will go to the dentist more safely and motivation.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Pablo Rial Serodio

Celebrate dentist international training, known for its professionalism in the implant aesthetics, invisible and surgical orthodontics. After his doctorate in Uruguay, I perform various courses and masters abroad to meet expert Dr. Inaki Gamborena in San Sebastian. Currently, he is director of the Centro Integral Odontologico Granollers.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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