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Written by: Dra. Marta Serra-Serrat
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¿For serving orthodontics?

Treatment of Orthodontics is used to correct misaligned teeth for masticatory function well and regain their natural position, in addition to providing a smile aesthetic. The goal of treatment is thus achieve proper occlusion and provide good dental and facial aesthetics.

Types of orthodontic appliances

We can now offer patients various devices: brackets metal or transparent sapphire and even invisible braces such as clear aligners ( Invisalign® ;) or lingual braces ( Incognito® ;.)

Many patients want to solve your dental incorrect position, but like appearance makes traditional braces orthodontics is not raised. The invisible orthodontics is an excellent alternative for those who want to have a beautiful smile without the appliances are noticeable.

Currently invisible orthodontic techniques have greatly improved and excellent results in a shorter and more comfortable treatment for the patient.

Invisalign: A unique and exclusive method

With the Invisalign system detailed treatment plan is applied by the computer system ClinCheck® 3D. This program shows that movements are necessary to correct the position of teeth and provides a forecast of the final result before starting treatment.

Position by the dental aligners are practically invisible and that can be removed and put corrected. Also be made ​​to measure to ensure total comfort. Every two weeks the aligners are replaced and thus move the teeth gradually to reach your ideal final position.

The time required to complete treatment in each case varies according to the patient and the complexity of the problem.

Advantages of Invisalign system

1) It is a completely invisible system, transparent and imperceptible item: The patient could smile without complex. The aligners will have to be carried throughout the treatment, except at meals and while brushing teeth and hang floss.

2) It is more comfortable than other systems: Unlike traditional braces with brackets, the patient can eat what you want during treatment


3) Protect your teeth: It is a perfect treatment for athletes or athletes, as well as the aligner acts mouthguard. For musicians, if the aligner interfere when you play a wind instrument, will be able to take it off. For those with bruxism, the clear aligner protects teeth during treatment as an occlusal splint.

4) No emergency visits: The clear aligners can not break or produce unexpected inconvenience


5 ) Provides better periodontal and gingival health: This is essential to brush and floss after meals before turning to put the aligners


Advantages of Lingual Orthodontics

1) Orthodontics completely invisible: The lingual brackets are very small and placed on the inside of the teeth, so that the patient can smile without worry.

2) More quickly: The treatment is shorter (12 to 18 months). By optical scanner and a computer with software CAD / CAM, the brackets are designed and manufactured in the laboratory. This makes it impossible for the brackets are placed wrong and the system allows professionals to achieve the best possible outcome so fast.

3) Increased comfort: Lingual Orthodontics provides greater comfort than traditional systems. The brackets are custom-made and are adapted to the anatomy of the teeth. Some patients will feel a small interference in speech devices to be placed, but after 4 or 6 days will be able to resolve it.

4) Better health teeth and gums: The main contribution of Saliva in the mouth provides the language. The continuous flow of saliva from the structure that arises during swallowing and speech helps cleaning or"self-cleansing"the brackets. During treatment it is recommended that a Electric toothbrush with small round head for better hygiene in areas of difficult access.

Disadvantages of invisible orthodontics

1) Requires specialized training: invisible braces treatments only specialists can practice training to perform this very specific and demanding technique


2) The office visits are longer: Although treatment is shorter the duration of each visit is higher as the specialist has to devote much more time to adjust and activate the devices


3) They have a high cost: Because the devices are manufactured and individually customized, cost of production is high and this increases the price of treatment


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Marta Serra-Serrat

Dr. formed in the United States, with a significant international reputation as a professional and research. He has won numerous awards, including Simó Virgili Award for best publication and Best Research Award granted by the prestigious American Association for Dental Research. Dr. Serra-Serrat is the only Spanish orthodontist who has passed the examination of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, which accredits to practice orthodontics in countries like Australia, England, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Canada.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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