Laser Hair Removal: latest technology, myths and clarifications

Written by: Dra. Adriana Ribé
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Dr.. Adriana Ribe, Director of the laser platform Ribe Clinic recommends alexandrite laser pulse variable more advanced to say goodbye to hair definitely the Elite MPX laser by Cynosure

Adds body Dr.. Adriana Ribe, Ribe Clinic Director, recommended as a medical specialist and expert in Dermatopathology laser treatments, alexandrite laser pulse variable most advanced market, Cynosure Elite MPX. & ldquo;There are many lasers on the market but we must bear in mind that not all serve the same since each one has a very specific function. In the case of laser hair removal, the alexandrite laser is best suited for hair removal, and it is very important to have a variable pulse. So, it may be used to remove all types of hair ( blond or dark ) and for all skin types. With these features, the latest laser technology for hair removal that has hit the market is the Elite MPX laser by Cynosure” explains Dr.. Adriana Ribe.

The best time for laser hair removal

The alexandrite laser is the specific variable pulse laser for hair removal, and acting on the melanin in the hair. Thanks to its variable pulse suits all skin tones and hair color and thickness, allowing remove hair effectively in each case. The laser light is converted into heat that reaches the depth of the skin and a thermal mechanism destroys any specified permanent hair matrix.

Dr.barkladrarladrarladrar. Adriana Ribe recommended us to begin treatment sooner. Usually about 6 sessions ( 1 every 2/3 months) for definitive hair removal be necessary. Thus we have time to do 2 sessions before the summer, one in April-May and the second in June-July. & ldquo;After these two sessions and more hair will be weakened and will give us a truce, we will not just hair during the summer and we can sunbathe depilation resuming in September-October with the third session” he clarifies Dr.. Adriana Ribe.In these 6 sessions, the permanent elimination of hair ( 90 % ) is achieved. In some cases, for total elimination, Dr.. Adriana Ribe recommended one or two more sessions at an interval of six months.

Myths of laser hair removal:

Dr.barkladrarladrarladrar. Adriana Ribe clarifies the myths about laser hair removal:

¿Clear or blond hair is more difficult to remove with laser ?- It is true, as has lower concentration of melanin ( pigment) that is the target of laser. But today, thanks to the latest generation lasers as the Elite MPX, SI can be eliminated.

¿You need to let your hair grow before waxing ?¿Why ?- It needs to be no waxing or tweezing 10-15 days prior to the hair shaft there that will be responsible for driving the laser energy from the skin to the hair matrix that is what we destroy, but you can tweak knife.

¿'s most effective laser hair removal according to the system you used to date (wax vs shave ) ?- No, it is independent


¿Can not perform laser hair removal in summer ?- The laser hair removal can be done all year. The only contraindication is tanned skin. If it's summer, the sun protection is taken with or covered areas such as the armpits pluck, there is no problem. Anyway, as the intervals between sessions are 2-3 months, you can do a session before the summer, and another later when the tan is gone.

¿Unable sun after laser hair removal ?- If you can take the sun after laser hair removal, but as in some patients may be more sensitive skin, it is advisable to use sun protection factor


¿Laser hair removal is painful ?- The heat of the laser light that can be annoying is noted in some patients. To mitigate it, is used in combination with laser, an air cold at -10 degrees to calm.

¿, The hair grows back over time ?- In the body does not. In face, if hormonal stimulation, you can leave some hair, but in much smaller quantities and much finer than in the beginning.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Adriana Ribé
Aesthetic Medicine

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Barcelona, ​​Dr. Adriana Ribé is formed in Anatomy Pathology at the Clinic Hospital and Dermatopathology in the New York Presbyterian Hospital. He has extensive experience in cosmetic dermatology and is an expert in laser techniques for stains, hair removal, tattoo removal, scar correction, facial rejuvenation and body contouring. She is Director of Ribé Clinic, medical center accredited by the Generalitat that has the latest laser technology and injectable materials. Dra. Adriana is Ribé opinion leader laser prestigious international companies.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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