When do couples therapy and likelihood of success

Written by: Sabina García Gramser
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Couples therapy is recommended when suffering exceeds supply. The odds of success are 100% because there is always a breakthrough. The ultimate success will depend on each partner.

When do couples therapy

Experts in psychology recommend doing couples therapy when the level of suffering in this relationship is greater than supply, as part of each individual human being recurrently affected by regular disputes related to the emotional level or tensions couple (toxic relationships healthy relationships VS).


What is a marriage counseling

A consultation of couples therapy is a space of about an hour and a half per session, where the couple dyad is another angle of view and identify where problems, emotions, behavior and thoughts. The goal of therapy is to facilitate an evolution for the two members or one another deeper and happy relationship, plus healthier. For this individual and joint sessions will be held with the two partners in an interleaved.


Successful couples therapy

The chances of success for the relationship are always 100% because it is a step forward in raising awareness and evolution of the two individuals seeking consultation. However, what is not known is how development to be drawing a relationship that has faced a change or a new viewpoint. Every relationship is different and has its own characteristics.


Tips for Success in the couple

To succeed in a relationship, the important thing is to start having a good relationship with oneself and maturity to respect the individual aspect of our partner. It is also important to consciously water every day that relationship with some attention, listening, communication, besides enjoying, together complicity of some aspects of our time and our lives. 

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 Sabina García Gramser

By Sabina García Gramser

The Ms. Garcia Gramser is a psychologist specializing in affective processes related to asiedad and depression, and marital and family therapy, with special emphasis on care for children and adolescents. He is also expert in psychodrama, psychodynamic, NLP, transpersonal, humanistic Rogers-Gestalt therapy. His extensive experience allows him to form part of the area of ​​psychology at various referral hospitals in the coast of the East. In turn, also participated in numerous cultural dissemination in magazines and health interest publications.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection