Uterine cancer knows for how to cope

Written by: Dr. Lucas Minig
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Uterine cancer usually starts in the inner layer: the endometrium. Is more prevalent in women over 60 years, being the most common tumor in female genital organs, almost 4,000 women being diagnosed annually in Spain. However, most women usually cure the disease with early and appropriate treatment.

Cervical cancer: what is

The uterus is an organ that is ready to accommodate the embryo during pregnancy. Below it is in contact with the vagina and above communicates with the abdominal cavity through fallopian tube.Uterine cancer originates usually in the inner layer of the uterine cavity, and corresponds to an uncontrolled growth of endometrial cells, which are lining the endometrial cavity. It usually occurs around 60 years old. 

Causes of uterine cancer

While you can not identify any cause that causes endometrial cancer directly, there is a group of women with an increased risk of suffering. Thus, women with obesity, hypertension and diabetes have an increased risk of endometrial cancer.However, the patient has any of these factors, does not mean that it is going to have endometrial cancer in the future. Simply that the risk of autism is increasing in relation to the population without these factors.Moreover, the vast majority of women with breast cancer should take a medication orally during the 5 years after initial treatment. Such medication called Tamoxifen, reduces the possibility for relapse of breast cancer but, on the other hand, produces a chronic stimulus in cells of the endometrium of the uterus. As a result, these women also have an increased risk of endometrial cancer. However, the benefit of the medication exceeds the detriment of the increased risk of endometrial cancer.Thus, the main risk factors for endometrial cancer are suffering:- Diabetes- Obesity- Hypertension- Treatment with Tamoxifen for breast cancer


Types of uterine cancer and differences

There are several types of uterine cancer and are differentiated by the part of the uterus in which they originate and, in turn, by the histological variant. For example, from the point of view of location, cervical cancer can originate in the inner layer (or endometrium) or middle layer (or myometrium). But, in turn, endometrial tumors may be, serous, endometrioid and clear cell variant mucinous. The myometrial can be leiomyosarcomas or carcinosarcomas, eg.The main difference between them, beyond the origin, which have different levels of aggressiveness, have various risk factors and therefore different treatments as each of the types of uterine cancer. 

Uterine cancer with the highest incidence in the population

Endometrioid endometrial cancer is by far the most common tumor of the uterus. Moreover, the tumor is the most common of the female genital organs in developed countries. In Spain it is estimated that almost 4,000 women each year are diagnosed with uterine cancer. 

Symptoms and Diagnosis of uterine cancer

Since it is a tumor that usually occurs during menopause women, ie, several years after the last rule, the most common symptom is genital bleeding. Usually a symptom of early and unexpected disease for women. Therefore, almost 80% of tumors are diagnosed in very early stages, when the disease is confined to the uterus. For if the patient is still present with their menstrual periods, genital bleeding disorders often confused with cycle and may take a few months diagnosis.Other symptoms that may occur include vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge) or pelvic pain.


Treatment of uterine cancer by laparoscopy

Fortunately, the vast majority of patients are often cured of the disease with removal of the uterus and ovaries. Only in selected cases it is necessary to remove lymph nodes in the pelvis. After that, only a small minority needs to receive subsequent treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.It is noteworthy that the surgical treatment of endometrial cancer minimally invasive experts performs almost all patients by laparoscopic surgery in gynecology. This new type of surgical technique has the advantage of reducing the level of postoperative pain, and speed recovery of patients without compromising the oncological outcome of the disease. 

Results and uterine cancer cure

With an effective and individualized treatment, the vast majority of patients with endometrial cancer are cured of their disease. Anyway, it is very important to make a proper diagnosis and treatment from the beginning to avoid mistakes that can lead to relapse of the disease with consequent adverse oncologic results.


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Dr. Lucas Minig

By Dr. Lucas Minig
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Lucas Minig is a renowned expert in Gynecology and Obstetrics of the city of Valencia. It has an extensive academic background, with a degree and a Doctor of Medicine from the Catholic University of Argentina and University of Buenos Aires, respectively. In addition, it has received from gynecologic oncologist after completing his training at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, (2006-2008) and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda (USA) (2008 -2010). Currently, Dr. Minig is chief of gynecology and obstetrics at the Valencian Institute of Oncology (IVO), Valencia, Spain. Currently combines his care activity with teaching and research. Participates actively giving lectures and conferences in numerous national and international conferences and is the author of numerous scientific articles and chapters of international books related to gynecologic cancer surgery and highly complex.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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