How to avoid negative feelings that cause stress

Written by: Esther Miralpeix García
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

In our day to day we are surrounded by noise, of multiple information that arrive us through the mobile, the television and Internet. It is important to remain calm and not be carried away by the maelstrom of that information. Taking cognizance of ourselves will help us to maintain calm and serenity.


Negative feelings and thoughts: impediments to progress

It will then be when we can become more aware of our "inner noise". Negative thoughts are those that assault us, and arise from deep feelings such as jealousy, anger or attachment to material goods. If we allow ourselves to be invaded by these feelings, it is more difficult to concentrate on what is really important for our life. Such negative feelings will distract us from what is really important to us.


The "inner noise" or why the negative thoughts arise

Sometimes these negative thoughts arise because we have felt offended by someone, or because we started to think that this or that person was luckier than us, and that makes us take value from our merits and what we have achieved in life.


Thinking man
Thinking man


This "inner noise" prevents us from feeling good about ourselves. The sadness that arises then invades us and we find it difficult to identify the reason. If we can be alone with ourselves and reflect honestly we can get to identify the causes of our discomfort.


Negative feelings generating stress

According to Buddhist philosophy there are feelings that are like poison. Letting ourselves be dominated by the desire to possess things without limiting ourselves, or not being able to control our feelings, or the narrow-mindedness to value certain situations, leads us to situations of stress. We will probably end up feeling more and more irritable when things do not go as we want. Being angry will only make matters worse because negative feelings will be amplified. Downloading them is not the solution , as it only makes the problem worse.


How to recover the tranquility and forget the stress

To recover the tranquility is only possible from the reflection that we do to understand what is happening to us. To live with tranquility we have to pay attention to our inner noises , to identify them and to understand them. From this understanding of ourselves, we will have a broader perspective of the situations that produce that "inner noise". Thus, we can also focus our inner situation in a more serene and calm.


To achieve this inner reflection it is not necessary to go anywhere far. It would try to find a quiet space in our house or walking, and to be able to analyze our state of mind.


It is not always an easy task. Consulting a psychologist can be very helpful when the problem is difficult for us to solve. The task of the psychologist would be, in this case, to favor reflection in order to understand the feelings that provoke that inner noise. Psychological treatment also helps to gain a broader perspective on the situation that concerns us.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Esther Miralpeix García

By Esther Miralpeix García

The psychologist Esther Miralpeix is ​​a renowned expert in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. He has spent 40 years working as a psychologist helping people trying to find solutions to their problems. He has participated in numerous conferences on psychology and communications presented several conferences organized by the EFPP (European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy). And was a founding member in good standing of the Catalan Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ACPP) from 1994-1997 and Minister of the adult section of the EFPP from March 1993 until May 1996 bring new perspectives to your life will help you open new Horizons.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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