How to get a younger face with the new Flash Eye Contour protocol

Written by: Dr. Moises Amselem
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

The wrinkles of expression, along with bags, dark circles and drooping eyelids, are the most frequent problems that reveal the passage of time in our eyes. Another important factor to consider is the tendency to fluid retention that manifests clearly under the eyes, because of hormonal changes, genetic or related to food.


The eye contour, extremely fine and furrowed by infinity of periorbital muscles in constant movement, is one of the most fragile areas of the face and the most susceptible to expression wrinkles.


How to get a younger face

To combat the signs of time on our face we must reposition the lost volumes of the periocular area, from the area above the eyebrows, passing through the temporal region, crow's feet, dark circles and eyebrows (always in function Of the objective to be achieved).


Young look
Young look


So, in order to get an open look, I created the Flash Eye Contour protocol.


How to get a younger face with the Flash Eye Contour protocol

After a personalized diagnosis, and depending on the objective to achieve, within the Flash Eye Contour protocol we will choose one treatment or another. The aspects to consider are:


  • Fallen eyes: to bring the vivacity to the face and counteract the natural fall of the eyebrows and eyelid, we approach the periocular area with hyaluronic acid of medium density, injecting it with microcannulas to minimize the risk of hematomas. It is done in one session and the cost is 300 €. The results are instantly appreciated, although they improve with time.
  • Wrinkles marked ("crow's feet"): this treatment is performed in two phases; In the former, medium-high density hyaluronic acid is injected with microcannula; In the second, which is performed at two weeks, it is assessed if it is necessary to complement the treatment with botulinum toxin, to achieve muscle relaxation. The cost varies between 300 and 500 € (depending on whether botulinum toxin is also injected or not). It is done in two sessions.
  • Dark circles: the area of ​​dark circles is four times thinner than the rest of the face and has a tendency to water retention, to hyperpigmentar and with a continuous action of the periorbicular musculature, so it is necessary to treat it more subtly than the rest. First, it evaluates if there is loss of volume in what we call the orbito-malar (or furrow) groove; If so, the hyaluronic acid is injected with a microcannula in order to reproject the volume lost. Subsequently it will be assessed whether or not to do a depigmenting treatment of the area. The cost is 300 €. It is done in a single session.
  • Smooth the brow: In the first phase the hyaluronic acid is projected in depth with cannula and on the surface with a needle, filling the fine vertical lines of expression; In the second phase, at about two weeks, the injection of botulinum toxin is evaluated to relax the muscles and, with it, the force of expression. The cost varies between 300 and 500 € (depending on whether botulinum toxin is used or not). It is performed in two sessions. With this protocol " Flash Eye Contour " in a short time and completely atraumatic way you get an open and relaxed look, such as having slept well or have returned from vacation.


How to get a younger face from home

I recommend the new eye contour, which bears the same protocol name: Flash Eye Contour , recently developed by us. It is part of my new "Luminous face" cosmeceutical line, and its natural assets provide the area with a broad moisturizing, antioxidant, reparative, anti-stain, draining and attenuating capacity for fine wrinkles.



For more information consult the specialist in Aesthetic Medicine .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Moises Amselem
Aesthetic Medicine

Renowned doctor, innovator in various techniques for aesthetic medicine and scientific advisor of the major pharmaceutical companies. His reputation has made has numerous publications in scientific and general media magazines. Since 2011 runs his own private clinic in Madrid where he developed all kinds of facial and body treatments and also has a teaching area which provides training to doctors around the world

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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