Facial surgery and aesthetic medicine, the importance of a face in harmony

Written by: Dra. Anna Torres Maczassek
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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The face is our card. It reflects how we want to present to others but also face our express how we feel. It is the only body part that constantly show and discovering our most representative features. Hence the importance of finding good in our skin, to project a better image of us. That is why a growing interest in aesthetic treatments. Interventions aimed at harmonizing the eyes, nose or mouth help us gain confidence about our own image.

As a plastic surgeon, I know to perfection the anatomy of the face and how the different structures that compose behave:bones, muscles, fat and skin subcutaneous. A holistic approach and a comprehensive perspective are of vital importance when performing a facial cosmetic improvement, both surgical and medical.

The patient must require maximum professionalism and knowledge of the anatomy of the best techniques and surgical techniques and aesthetic medicine specialist should have a global vision of it.

In plastic surgery and cosmetic face a high degree of expertise is required in both eyelid surgery ( blepharoplasty ), nose ( rhinoplasty ) and ear ( otoplasty ) is important to know the tissues are involved and how to behave in the healing process.

facelift and neck is important not so much the removal of redundant skin but the elevation and fixation of the underlying structures to achieve a truly rejuvenating effect, because if we have a single skin extract very short duration of the results.

For patients who do not want to undergo surgery, the plastic surgeon has to offer other techniques encompassed in aesthetic medicine. Current techniques tend more to the regeneration of the skin, stuffed with more natural absorbable substances and the use of wires or sutures to improve skin quality there where there is sagging and allow subtly raise tissues.

The authentic workhorse both plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine is the incorporation of adipose tissue grafts ( lipotransference) to improve facial volume and regenerate the skin by the stem cells, this is the present and the future in these fields.

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By Dra. Anna Torres Maczassek
Plastic surgery

Dr. Torres is one of the most recognized specialists in Plastic Surgery in Barcelona after an international training frontline. This technique specializing in breast augmentation, also in reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery with lipotransference and facial surgery ( eyelids, ears and correction rhinoplasty).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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